About us

Flat 6 Motorsports was established to help Porsche owners find and access aftermarket parts effectively by offering a customer-focused experience. Our vision is to create the widest assortment of aftermarket parts available to late model Porsche owners complemented with our in-depth product expertise and experience. We have owned, modified, and tracked various Porsche's since 2008.


 Serving Porsche Enthusiasts

We work hard to offer the widest assortment of aftermarket products available specifically to late-model Porsches. The reason being is we recognize that different owners have different needs. We work with customers to balance their performance objectives with considerations to installation, maintenance, product design, material/production quality, and budget. We do not believe one size fits all and that customizing your Porsche should be something unique to your needs. We are vendor agnostic and provide our expertise and experience to each of our customers.

Flat 6 Motorsports - Cayman 981

Our history of modifying and tuning cars for competition started in 1999. With a passion for speed and motorsports, the evolution continued to establish enthusiast communities around modifying automobiles. We have designed, developed, and sold performance solutions in the aftermarket industry since 2002. In 2008, we began working with Porsche vehicles starting with the 996 911. That passion for Porsche grew both as tuners and enthusiasts of the brand. Since, we have owned and tracked various Porsche models competing in amateur time attack competitions and local track day events. As enthusiasts we are proud to support other Porsche owners who are interested in enhancing or customizing their vehicles. 



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