Agency Power Center X-Pipe Exhaust System (991.1 Carrera S)


Designed to Fit:

  • 2012 - 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Product Details

Continuing on the path of performance modularity for the Porsche 991 Carrera, Agency Power now has their new center muffler X-Pipe exhaust. Like Agency Power’s Porsche 991 headers and 2nd Muffler Bypass Pipes, this exhaust is also interchangeable with the stock parts. To keep all pieces OEM fitting the same, like the factory center muffler with its 3rd chamber, Agency Power has incorporated a separate exhaust pipe that comes off near the X design. This floats behind the exhaust tip for a full stock look. We tested the center pipe in conjunction with each stock part of the 991 Carrera to hear the difference in sound and see the affects on the performance.

The first test on the Porsche 991 was with the stock headers and secondary mufflers mated with the new center X-Pipe exhaust. The baseline of the car has a very wavy ride through the RPM band. Whether testing in sport or regular mode, this did not change the performance curve. Keeping a consistent variable, all tests were done in sport mode. From 3000rpm to 6400rpm the car made consistent power. From 3800-4200rpm the car made about 50hp and 80ft/lbs of torque! The rest of the curve yielded about a 20hp gain until it ran out of steam near redline. In regards to the sound, the XPipe alone made for a really crisp tone that can be tolerated to even the most sensitive driver. Being that it made this sports car more sporty, it makes the 991 more enjoyable for daily driving. In addition to the great sound and power, the rear XPipe also saves about 20lbs off the rear end of the car.

This product is designed to fit all Porsche 991 Carrera S vehicles with Quad Tips from 12-15.


About Agency Power

Agency Power Industries LLC was developed out of the need to provide quality, functional, and fashionable racing products. Starting from sway bar endlinks for the Subaru WRX back in 2003, Agency Power now has and in-depth number of parts for cars ranging from Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many more. Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, Agency Power has established itself as one the core aftermarket companies for niche tuner products. Agency Power is constantly developing new functional and race proven products. With dealers worldwide, the AP brand is recognized and trusted. Beyond the USA, Agency Power can be found in regions such as Singapore, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia, United Kingdom, and other parts of the EU.

Innovative products such as multi adjustable control arms, valvetronic exhaust systems, and carbon fiber intakes kits, give Agency Power an edge to truly make a difference on your performance vehicle.  Agency Power manufacturers its products only after in-depth product testing, racing, and quality checks are completed. Products like our full titanium Porsche exhausts, Ford Focus ST intercooler, and FRS/BRZ control arms are at the front of the competition. AP parts have been featured in magazines, videos, and customer competition events worldwide.