BBI Autosport StreetCup Side Exhaust Bypass (997 GT3)


Designed to Fit

  • 2007 - 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS

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Product Details

Shedding weight is one of simplest ways to add performance to your Porsche. Unfortunately, reducing weight on the already slim GT3 is rarely an inexpensive task and the factory exhaust system is already very well designed for optimum power delivery. The only drawbacks to the factory system is a muted exhaust note that was designed to comply with the local laws and appeal to a wide customer base, and the excess weight.

BBI addressed those flaws when they designed their exhaust system for the 997 GT3. Most other aftermarket exhaust systems on the market replaces the secondary center muffler and the performance gains and weight savings are minimal. The factory secondary exhaust weights approximately 20 pounds and the average secondary muffler bypass weighs approximately 7 pounds, which equates to only 13 pounds of weight savings.

They took a more unorthodox approach and bypassed the much heavier primary side mufflers. The primary mufflers are weigh approximately 44 pounds total while our bypass pipes are 4 pounds in comparison. For durability and protection against corrosion, each system is meticulously TIG welded using 304 aerospace grade stainless tubing with lower carbon content. The result is a substantial reduction in weight behind the rear axle which significantly improves handling and less restriction to produce a much more aggressive exhaust note.


  • Produces deep aggressive exhaust notes
  • Significant weight reduction of 40 pounds
  • 304 stainless steel aerospace tubing
  • Meticulously TIG welded
  • Brushed stainless finish
  • Stainless hardware and clamps
  • 100% emissions legal
  • Will not void warranty
  • Factory secondary mufflers and catalytic converters are all retained
  • Direct bolt on replacement
  • Hand built to order



About BBI Autosport

BBI Autosport was founded in the Summer of 2005 with the mission of returning artistry and craft to the Exotic Tuning Market. Built by pure passion, and on a motorsport foundation, BBI has quickly become a household name in the Porsche Industry. 30+ years of combined professional racing history has fueled the engineering and development of performance parts and services. BBI Founders have participated in several Professional Racing Series including:

  • Rolex Grand American Racing
  • American Lemans
  • 24 Hours Lemans – 4 Races
  • 24hrs of Daytona – 9 Races
  • 12hrs of Sebring – 8 Races

Numerous Championships and continued racing experience has fueled the ongoing development and improved standards at BBI Autosport.

In our world of aftermarket tuning, good quality and craft have been let go in the name of cheapness and convenience. Where others strive to find cheaper materials and processes, we strive to find superior ingredients and time consuming rituals that will guarantee a product built solely on passion, artistry and craft. - BBI Autosport