Champion Motorsport - Rear Adjustable Toe Links (996)


Designed to Fit

  • 1999 - 2005 Porsche 911 (including all variants)

Product Details

Lowering your 911 has plenty of benefits, particularly for handling.  A lower center of gravity, decreased body roll in turns, and firmer spring rates all come together to provide a much better driving experience.  Then there’s the look.  Who doesn’t like the look of a lowered car?  However, lowering a car does make minor changes to the vehicle’s suspension geometry, which sometimes cannot be compensated for by the existing hardware.   The Champion Motorsport adjustable toe link kit addresses changes that can occur in the vehicle’s toe steer adjustments head-on.   By allowing toe adjustments to be made on the toe-steer arm, independent of the factory eccentric bolt, the Champion kit allows you to fully recover from any negative effects of lowering.  With a larger range of adjustability, the Champion adjustable toe steer kit is also the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve more aggressive alignment specs, particularly in race applications.  

One exclusive feature of the Champion Motorsport kit is the unique race-inspired "pinch-bolt" style locking system on each arm.  This style of arm eliminates the risk of unintended movement of the arm during the alignment process.  The kit also features precision-machined spherical bearings in place of the OEM rubber bushings, contributing to more precise and direct steering feedback.


About Champion Motorsport

Since 1998, Naveen Maraj and the entire Champion Motorsport team have exceeded the expectations of their performance-minded customers. Catering to the increasing demand for high quality factory and aftermarket parts, Champion Motorsport develops its own brand of ultra-light wheels, carbon composite intakes and aero kits. Our in house engineering team is responsible for the design, engineering, development and testing of all our Tubi exhaust products. Customers who wish to enhance the look and performance of their road machines trust the Champion Motorsport team to deliver on all counts.

Champion Motorsport headquarters reflects our passion for innovative engineering and pure architectural design. The 22,000 square foot complex houses an expansive showroom, engineering and design studio, and state-of-the-art service facility.

Champion Motorsport continues to set the pace in the performance and design arena of aftermarket wheels. We share your passion for speed, forging ahead with new designs and ideas for your car. Re-inventing the wheel is no simple task, but we do enjoy the challenge.