EVOMSit Intelligent ECU Tuning 3.4L (996 Carrera)


Designed to fit: 

  • 2000 - 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera (996 3.4L)

Product Details

Note - Includes EVOMS TuneIT Kit with ECU Reader and Software

Features of TUNEit

  • Securely reads the OEM ECU software calibration which can be reinstalled into your vehicle's ECU anytime
  • Securely writes a custom performance software calibration to your vehicle's ECU
  • Performance software is customized using information supplied by the consumer based on data and detailed questionnaire
  • Additional options are available for street/race applications including but not limited to:
    • Enabling Left Foot Braking capabilities (race use only)
    • Increased rev limits
    • Integrated launch control
    • Speed limiter removal
    • Raised idle
    • Custom race car calibrations
    • Multiple performance calibrations for street/race conditions (fuel octane level specific)
    • Software for different turbochargers, fuel injector size, different MAF calibrations
    • Software for different exhausts, headers, plenums, larger throttle body, air intake systems, etc.
    • Different E-Gas pedal settings for cars with/without Sport Chrono

EVOMSit is fanatically obsessed with achieving ultimate perfection with their performance engine software. Their analytical tuning methods combined with methodical testing procedures, state of the art equipment and unmatched mechanical intelligence are fused together to create the ULTIMATE aftermarket performance software.

A critical and fundamental aspect of software development and tuning stems from a complete hands on mechanical understanding of the latest generation high performance Porsche engines. This is the foundation of EVOMS and there are no other US based aftermarket performance companies that have more experience and has built more engines than Evolution MotorSports. We have practically reengineered the entire Porsche flat 6 engine. The combination of our extreme testing and tuning measures coupled with our immense mechanical knowledge and engine building skills clearly sets EVOMSit as a true leader in all aspects of engine tuning and engine development.

Please note the different power gains and parts needed for each performance stage.

Software Only- EVOMSit Software Only (Stock Exhaust/OEM Catalysts):

  • Stock Power 296HP/258TQ
  • EVOMSit Tune 309 HP / 272 TQ
  • Increase 13HP
  • Increase 14TQ

Stage 1 Tune- EVOMSit Software + V-Flow Air Intake System:

  • Stock Power 296HP/258TQ
  • EVOMSit Tune 319 HP / 277 TQ
  • Increase 23HP
  • Increase 19TQ

Stage 2 Tune- EVOMSit Software + V-Flow Air Intake System + Exhaust:

  • Stock Power 296HP/258TQ
  • EVOMSit Tune 322HP/280TQ
  • Increase 26HP
  • Increase 22TQ

Stage 3 Tune- EVOMSit Software + V-Flow Air Intake System + Exhaust + Plenum:

  • Stock Power 296HP/258TQ
  • EVOMSit Tune 328HP/284TQ
  • Increase 32HP
  • Increase 26TQ

Stage 4 Tune- EVOMSit Software + V-Flow Air Intake System + Exhaust + Plenum + Headers/HFC:

  • Stock Power 296HP/258TQ
  • EVOMSit Tune 335HP/290TQ
  • Increase 39HP
  • Increase 33TQ



Evolution: ev-o-lu-tion (noun) A gradual process in which something changes especially into a more complex form.  

Mission: We exist to satisfy our customers’ addiction to speed and passion for high performance. 

Philosophy: Engineer, manufacture and offer the highest quality performance components for an elite group of extreme individuals. Our cars are our passion, more than a means to get to and from work but an expression of who we are as people. An extension of our personalities: unique, aggressive, strong and powerful. We can help make each drive more enjoyable, more intense and less mundane. We can help transform your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Experience: We have over half a century of combined experience in automotive engineering, design, fabrication, racing and many other facets of the automotive industry. We drive and race the cars that we build components for. We have an extensive R&D and test program that ensures our components are held in the highest standards.

Our Porsche race efforts help keep us on the cutting edge as we are constantly in search of that last ounce of power, a better “mouse trap” or ways to make the car handle or brake better. We share your passion, your dream and the never-ending pursuit of more speed and performance.