Flat 6 Motorsports - ECU Tuning (95B.2 Macan S 19+)


Designed to Fit

  • 2019+ Macan S (3.0L) 95B.2

Product Details

The Flat 6 Motorsports Macan S (19+) tuning program is a comprehensive tuning solution for Macan S owners. We leveraged years of experience in tuning Macans along with developing performance solutions to provide a holistic tune for a variety of driving conditions. The 3.0L twin scroll turbo engine in the Macan provides a lot of room to improve tuning by optimizing the engine calibration. Our tuning program offers 3 stages of tunes for various performance objectives. 

Stage 1 - Stock - No Hardware Required (Intake Kit Recommended)

  • +82 HP / +104 TQ

Stage 2 - Intake & Downpipe Required 

  • Coming Soon

Stage 3 - Upgraded Turbo Kit Required (Intake Kit and Downpipe Recommended)

  • Coming Soon

Note - The tuning requires removal of the ECU. Fortunately, Porsche made this process very simple for anyone of any skill to do. Simply disconnect your battery, release 5 harness clamps and pull the ECU out.

Tuning Process (available for U.S. clients only at this time)

  1. After you place an order for the tuning program, we will overnight a package to you with a custom protective case and packing material to safely ship your ECU to us. We also provide a return overnight label. Simply pack your ECU and drop at a local post office.
  2. Once we receive your ECU, within 24 business hours we will begin the process of tuning your ECU. This requires us to unlock the ECU and bench flash the tuning program onto the ECU. Once completed, you will be notified and we will overnight your ECU back to you. 
  3. Once you receive the ECU, simply plug the harness back into the ECU, remount securely and reconnect your battery. 
  4. Your vehicle will now be ready to drive with improved power. 

If you ever need to revert back to your original factory map or change the tuning software, we provide those services free of charge, you just need to pay for shipping. If you are upgrading to a different stage, the difference in price will be charged to upgrade. 

We are committed to supporting clients with tuning and vehicle ownership needs. Flat 6 Motorsports brings 15+ years of experience in tuning and tunes more Macans than anyone in the world! We take great pride in being Macan specialists and have carefully crafted performance solutions for Macan owners to enjoy increased power and performance while maintaining factory-level safety and reliability. 

 Flywheel/Crankshaft Figures
HP TQ (ft/lbs)
Stock 348
Stage 1 407

 Macan S 95B.2 - Stage 1 Tune (Flat 6 Motorsports)


  • Engineered with over 15 years of experience in Porsche & European turbo tuning
  • Extensively tested under various driving conditions and climate
  • Optimized power delivery throughout the entire rev range
  • Optimized throttle/turbo responsiveness
  • Optimized for smooth throttle transitions
  • Factory fail safes and systems are left in place
  • Reaches a very conservative peak of 18psi
  • Revert back to factory map at anytime by sending ECU to F6