GIAC Stage XPlus Software Calibration (Macan S)


Designed to fit

  • 2015+ Porsche Macan S

Note - This tune requires access to your ECU. You must mail-in your ECU to GIAC. Please contact us to discuss your options. 

Power Gains

The GIAC tune for the Macan S is dyno proven to add 50-60 HP and 130-150 ft lbs of torque over the stock output. 

Product Details

GIAC software is now available for the Porsche Macan S (30L V6 twin turbo engine). This software calibration accommodates 91-93 octane fuel, as well as the factory exhaust and intake system. While retaining smooth drivability, the program offers dramatic and consistent power improvements over the OEM software. On 91 octane fuel, gains are as high as 36 wheel HP and 110 ft lbs wheel torque in some areas of the power band. Notable features include the following:

  • Properly recalibrated air/fuel ratios.
  • Improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel.
  • Optimized torque control for smoother, faster shifting.

Dynamometer test results from an MD-500 Mustang dyno are included here. The graph plots power tests (wheel HP and TQ) for a 2015 Porsche Macan S. The red line denotes a completely stock Macan S with OEM software, exhaust, intake and charge cooler, on 91 octane. The blue and green lines denote two different runs for the same Macan S with GIAC 91 octane software, OEM exhaust, OEM intake and OEM charge cooler, also on 91 octane.

The new high security DME 95B906022B Simos SDI10.2 of the Macan S prompted GIAC’s development of an entirely new proprietary flashing protocol for this product line, requiring ECUs to be sent in to GIAC for software installation.

About GIAC

GIAC is a software engineering company with over 20 years experience tuning cars. They are known for creating "factory smooth" performance software with exceptional power and reliability. Their software replaces the standard software in your car’s engine control unit. It is programmed to adjust ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and/or speed limiters to optimize performance and, in some applications, fuel economy. Performance-tuned programs are designed to dramatically increase torque and HP without sacrificing smooth drivability. Many programs are also created to accommodate numerous aftermarket performance modifications.

GIAC is focused on designing after-market software for Porsche ®, Audi ®, VW ®, BMW ®, and Bentley ® but also have a long history of tuning many other European makes on a case-by-case basis. Accessory products include the Flashloader Software and handheld switchers, which enable remote controlled chip switching device for easy switching between multiple GIAC programs and the stock program. They also provide custom tuning services for special projects.

GIACs development team employs proprietary GIAC software and a variety of debuggers, emulators and scopes to tackle the most complex tuning problems. Their dedicated research facility in Irvine, CA houses a 4WD Mustang Dynamometer and state of the art tools for developing and testing software. Expertise in software and circuit design, combined with an understanding of embedded technology, enable them to offer a broad range of tuning solutions.

Tuning is an art. To tune for optimal performance is to tune for a careful combination of speed, strength, and agility that varies as driver tastes vary. GIAC exists to tune cars for the way people like to drive.