KW DLC Lowering Module (958 Cayenne)


Designed to Fit:

  • 2011+ Porsche Cayenne (with air suspension)

Product Details

KW Suspension DLC (Dynamic Level Control) Air Suspension modules offer visually appealing lowering for numerous cars and SUV's with standard air suspension. The HW DLC system is an electronic lowering module that connects quickly and easily to the electrical system via a specially made adapter. When installed, it allows a vehicle-specific lowering of up to 50 millimeters (2 inches) and can be optionally set via the KW DLC app for continuous height adjustment.

Compatible Comfort

The KW electronic lowering module works in conjunction with the factory air suspension system, whether it's Audi's Adaptive Air Suspension or the Mercedes-Benz Airmatic or ABC systems, and all original functions are retained and work as originally intended.

Easy to Install

With vehicle-specific compatibility, the KW DLC controller is easy to install in your car or SUV with factory air suspension. The control device is connected to the vehicle's electrical system and with help of the DIP switch located on the control unit, the lowering can be set in fixed steps if you do not want to use, or do not have access to the KW DLC phone app.

Wireless Control

The KW DLC app is compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and it allows the user to lower their vehicle in millimeter increments from these devices with the use of the KW W-LAN box. (Included with this kit) Lowering can be set in real-time, even while driving down the road, so with the touch of a button the vehicle can be raised or lowered depending on specific road conditions.

Features for this kit:

  • Front Lowering Range: 0 - 60mm (0 - 2.4 inches)
  • Rear Lowering Range: 0 - 60mm (0 - 2.4 inches)
  • Easy Vehicle-Specific installation w/minimal wiring
  • Wireless height adjustment with KW DLC App - W-LAN box included
  • Stock "Raised Mode" remains available - lowering disabled when selected


About KW

KW automotive GmbH is the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its customers the largest suspension program worldwide. The entire assortment – from springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions “inox line” in three damping versions – such a variety of products is unsurpassed on the market. Moreover, KW automotive GmbH develops racing solutions for national and international motorsports. The racing program KW competition is successfully used by numerous racing teams on many race tracks around the world.

KW automotive North America, Inc. is an important partner for a large number of renowned companies in the automobile industry. An enormous number of refiners and manufacturers of large and small scale series rely on the suspension competence of KW automotive North America, Inc.

The company was founded in 1995 and at the beginning it only consisted of three employees and had an operating area of 1600 sq.ft. Today, KW automotive GmbH is represented all over the world and has approx. 200 employees in five locations. After numerous expansions at the company headquarters in Fichtenberg, the overall production and floor space now stretches over 247,500 sq.ft. The continually growing product lines includes thousands of applications.

Apart from the KW suspension solutions, the brand LSD-Doors is also a company under the umbrella organization of KW automotive GmbH. The patented wing door refining kits are one of the most extraordinary vehicle modifications and are available for nearly all established car brands. The unique door hinge system makes it possible to open car doors upwards like in a Lamborghini. The serial hinges are replaced by vehicle-specific LSD fittings so original doors are maintained.

The brand WEITEC also belongs to the KW automotive GmbH. The favorable suspension program offers convincing driving characteristics and a unique price-performance ratio for beginners.

Innovative Test Procedures

In 2006, a state-of-the art 7-post drive dynamics test stand was put into operation at the KW automotive GmbH headquarters in Fichtenberg. This test stand can simulate different race track conditions. There are only 15 such hydraulic test stands available around the world and most of them are used by Formula 1 teams for their research and development measures.

The KW automotive GmbH also uses this innovative test opportunity for developing new suspensions and optimizing suspension set-ups. The suspension expert offers all interested racing teams and commercial partners the possibility to carry out future vehicle adjustments with the help of its 7-post drive dynamics test stand at its test center in Fichtenberg.

For the teams this enormously saves both costs and time, as all vehicle-relevant race track characteristics can be simulated with this test stand and without exposing the car to unnecessary wear. This technology offers KW unprecedented test opportunities for applications in the automobile industry and in motorsports.

Motorsports and commercial partner

KW automotive GmbH is a commercial partner and partner of various motorsports teams as well . For the high-performance prestige products by Mercedes-AMG – SLK 55, CLK 63 and SL 65 AMG Black Series – KW has developed a special suspension which meets the high demands by Mercedes-AMG.

KW has been and continues to be the official development and production partner of Roush Performance, in the United States for years . KW automotive GmbH equips all high-performance Ford Mustang models by Roush with KW sports suspensions with different adjustments. Moreover, KW co-operates with Chrysler USA whose Viper SRT10 ACR entered the market in 2007.

The race car which has 600 hp and is only available in a limited edition, is based on the Dodge Viper 2008 and is equipped with a KW coilover suspension which KW especially developed for Chrysler.