Soul Performance Products - Universal Oxygen Sensor Spacer


Designed to Fit

Note - sold individually, (2) required for most vehicles. Will not fit 992. 

Product Details

The Soul Performance Universal O2 Spacer assists in reducing the likelihood of a check engine light / CEL when running aftermarket components that remove the factory catalysts.

Altering the factory catalysts will often lead to a check engine light as the emissions systems are no longer running as designed. Modern cars rely on two O2 sensors per bank, the primary sensor is before the catalytic converter and monitors the chemical makeup of the exhaust gases before they have been catalyzed (your Air-Fuel ratios). The secondary O2 sensor is after the catalytic converter. It measures the makeup of the exhaust gases after they have been catalyzed and reports the information back to the ECU. The ECU will then compare the readings to determine if the catalytic converter is working properly. By using the Soul Performance Products Universal O2 Sensor Spacer, you are achieving two things. First, you are moving the O2 sensor out of the direct stream of gases which will help restore the balance expected from the ECU. Second, by having an adjustable exhaust gas channel, you can adjust how much gases are reaching the sensor, allowing you to fine tune the setup, and ensure your CEL does not show. We have used these on many cars to eliminate check engine lights after the installation of catless headers. Flat 6 Motorsports does not warranty or guarantee the effectiveness of this product. We have had good results but due to the universal nature, we cannot guarantee results. 


  • Minimizes the chances of a check engine light
  • Two piece design allows you to adjust fitment for your application
  • Direct install with no modifications needed on most cars
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4″ L x 1 1/2″ W x 1 1/2″ H
  • 1″ depth of threads on fittings to allow for adjustments
  • All Soul Performance Products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use


  • Fitment is UNIVERSAL – please check for available space for installation prior to purchasing
  • For use ONLY in the Secondary (post cat, downstream) O2 sensor
  • Emissions compliance not guaranteed 


About Soul Performance Products

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding parts, pricing, and service backed up with the best warranty in the industry.

Soul Performance was formed by a team of auto enthusiasts with automotive industry experience looking to do the right thing by our customers. We aim to deliver exemplary service worldwide by developing incredible sounding, proven performing components that are always ready to ship to you quickly.


  • Do right by our customers, always – no customer left behind
  • We believe in honesty, unwavering ethics, and transparency as we operate
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  • We actively participate in the communities we cater to
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  • Our success will be measured by recommendations to other potential clients

FACILITY Soul Performance Products is located in a 15,000 sq ft facility north of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. We make great use of this space to keep our products in stock, ready to ship. Our mission is to quickly get you the parts you need with no delays. Our R&D area is equipped with two BendPak lifts and all tools necessary to allow us to design, engineer, test, prototype, and fixture components. Our shipping area is set up to ensure that all components get a thorough inspection, orders ship complete with all hardware, and that products are well packed.

Nearest hotel: SpringHill Suites by Marriot – .3 miles Nearest airport: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) – 36 miles

MANUFACTURING Soul Performance Products is partnered with ISO 9001 Certified aerospace manufacturers, enabling us to work with technology and industrial scale, extreme precision equipment down to +/- 0.002 inches that would otherwise be out of the limits of an exhaust manufacturer. Our capabilities include waterjet and laser cutting, tube bending, CNC machining, robotic welding and much more. We strategically deal with vendors worldwide to find appropriate components, such as high quality HJS HD catalytic converters. Our mission is to provide the best possible results for our customers at great pricing.

If you’re interested in participating in new product development or have any customization desires we’re always happy to accommodate wherever possible. Need custom exhaust tips to match your unique build? We can do that.

PERFORMANCE We’re constantly building relationships with shops across the world to prove our products on various dyno setups under different conditions. We don’t want you to take our word for it alone, but allow us to validate ourselves through multiple outside channels as well. If you’re interested in testing our components, do contact us.