VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune (Panamera Turbo 970.1)

Include Dimsport Programmer?

Designed to fit

  • 2010 - 2013 Porsche Panamera Turbo (4.8L)

Product Details

The Porsche Panamera might have mixed reviews on its styling, but when it comes to tuning its V8 twin turbocharged engine, there is no question on the performance output that can be had. Like all other Porsche Turbos, the Panamera is no different with the power increase and driveability performance that can be had. As we have seen on other Porsche Turbo vehicles, we can gain anywhere from 80-115HP reliable with just a flash. Improving the vehicles throttle response, reducing the turbo lag, and improving the pull throughout the RPM range is all part of enhancing the vehicle with an ECU tune. Using our very own 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo, we spent countless hours testing different tuning maps to get the perfect gain in performance. Our Mustang AWD Dyno has a drivetrain loss of about 20-25% which is normal for this low reading machine. The Panamera Turbo comes with 500 crank horsepower and our stock baseline was about 380 to the wheels. With our Stage 1 calibration, we were able to take the car to about 460 wheel horsepower and 410 ft/lbs of torque. The super sedan now goes from 500HP to 600HP with a ECU Flash. Standard mode takes boost pressure up to 1.2bar where Sport and Sport Plus show a change to about 1.3bar. Depending on your exhaust system or other intake mods, you may see +/- 0.1bar of boost difference. Purchase this VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune online.

Crank Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power – 500HP and 516ft/lbs
  • Tuned Power – 600HP and 550ft/lbs

Wheel Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power – 378HP and 364ft/lbs
  • Tuned Power – 455HP and 409ft/lbs

      How to Flash Your ECU?

      • Use the DimSport handheld device (+$250).  You can flash between these at anytime.  See Instructions Here.
      • Bring your vehicle to our facility where we can use our Master Cable to flash your vehicle.
      • We can bench flash the ECU. To bench flash the ECU, you must remove it from your vehicle and send it to us. Once we receive the ECU, we will prepare the tune file and then overnight it back to you for reinstallation. We do not solder or modify the ECU board at all. All ECU tuning is done via bungy probes that have a needle tip to provide an electrical connection. See ECU Removal Instructions Here



      About VR Tuned

      VRTuned is the off shoot of globally known, high performance retail parts specialists, Vivid Racing.  Vivid Racing has been in business since 2001 and has worked with customers all over the world.  In 2005, Vivid Racing got started in the Porsche market with their 2000 Porsche 996 Carrera. In addition to building this project car with selected vendor partners, Vivid Racing also began manufacturing products through it’s sister company Agency Power.  Having had success in the popular tuning chassis’ such as the Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi EVO, and BMW M3, this was a natural progression of expansion in our repertoire of vehicles.  As the tuning market boomed extensively in the early 2000’s, Vivid Racing established a very strong prescence online and throughout vehicle communities.  When the recession came, Vivid Racing continued to grow and focus on the development of it’s products, distribution network, and most importantly, its customers.  The diversity of vehicle products and services has allowed Vivid Racing to continue to strive for excellence while maintaining exceptional growth.  ECU tuning has always been an extremely important part of modifying and building vehicles.  This is essentially the glue that brings the performance out of aftermarket products and packages.  With this next stage in the companies footprint, VRTuned.com was proudly launched in January 2014.

      As the tuning industries tools became more accessible, so has the ability to partner and work with individuals to offer a unique service with added value. Working with several tuning companies over the years, we have experienced the upsides and downsides of the ECU tuning world.  As it is our mission to offer unparallelled customer service and support, it is equally important to offer a great product that is tested, convenient to use, and priced within reason for the current demographic.  With a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dynamometer in-house at our Gilbert, Arizona facility, we have spent countless hours testing tuned files, the affects of different vehicle modifications, and learning how vehicles react to our changes.  But most importantly, our product confidence comes in that we have owned these vehicles, daily driven these vehicles, raced these vehicles, and understand what the consumer is looking for.