Project Macan S - Cobb Tuning Accessport (Episode 1)

Project Macan S - Cobb Tuning Accessport (Episode 1)

Project Macan S - Build Series

The Flat 6 Motorsports Project Macan S is starting to get some upgrades. We started off installing the Flat 6 Motorsports Intake System. We saw solid gains with the intakes on and felt a nice increase in turbo response. We also added a little tone, put your windows down and you'll hear those turbos a bit more! Next up was installing the Cobb Accessport. 

We always recommend that customers install the Accessport Manager software from Cobb Tuning. Simply connect the Accessport to your computer with the provided USB cord and open the software. You can run the update tool and make sure you're on the latest firmware. 

The Cobb Accessport for the Macan is a breeze to install. Anyone can do it from their garage or driveway in about 10 minutes. We cranked the Macan S up and took it for a spin. We noticed right away the improved response and additional boost. It really woke the Macan up! We then went to our favorite spot to test a 1/4 mile run to compare to the stock times. We were blown away by the improvement we saw as we took almost an entire second off the 1/4 mile time from just the intakes being on the Macan. Very impressive results from a simple tune. We're going to load our Stage 1+ Map next and get more performance data figures. 

Here are the results on a street performed 1/4 mile run. 

QSTARZ 5000 Data Recorder

Here are the results at different distance intervals both in time and trap speed. We threw a run from our Tuned Panamera Turbo in for fun. 


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