Flat 6 Motorsports is committed to offering world-class tuning solutions to Porsche owners. Through our partnerships with Cobb Tuning, APR, EVOMS and our in-house tuning solutions, we offer a wide-range of premier support for most late-model Porsche vehicles.

Flat 6 Motorsports has tested, validated and developed tunes for over 15 years. We calibrate and optimize tuning for hundreds of Porsche vehicles every year. With our large assortment of performance products paired with best in class tuning, we can optimize a total performance solution that delivers power, drivability and reliability. We focus on proven solutions that cater to the common Porsche enthusiast.  

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The Cobb Tuning Accessport offers a full suite of tuning through the handheld Accessport. The Accessport comes loaded with Cobb OTS (Off-The-Shelf) Maps and can be upgraded via custom Pro Tuning by Flat 6 Motorsports. The Accessport gives customers the ability to change maps, install/uninstall at any time, datalog, view real time monitor data and record performance metrics like acceleration.
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APR offers a comprehensive tuning solution for a variety of late-model Porsche vehicles. APR uses proprietary tuning technology along with world-class R&D to develop maps that meet the needs of Porsche owners seeking additional power and performance. The APR tuning calibration must be applied by Flat 6 Motorsports through a special APR programming tool and software.
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Local Tuning Services (Orlando, FL) 

  • Authorized Cobb Tuning Dealer with Pro Tuning Services 
  • Authorized APR Dealer 
  • Authorized EVOMS Dealer 
  • Authorized M-Engineering Dealer
  • Authorized FVD Brombacher Dealer 
  • Authorized Fabspeed Tuning Dealer 
  • Authorized VR Tuned Dealer 
  • In-House Proprietary Tuning (Stage 1 & Stage 2) 
  • Piggyback Tuning Installation & Support 
  • Dyno Tuning, Testing & Validation  
  • Road/Street Tuning, Testing & Validation  
  • Performance Data Recording & Acceleration Testing 

Remote Tuning Services 

  • Authorized Cobb Tuning Dealer with Pro Tuning Services 
  • Authorized EVOMS Dealer 
  • Authorized FVD Brombacher Dealer 
  • Authorized Fabspeed Tuning Dealer 
  • Authorized VR Tuned Dealer 
  • Remote/E-Tuning  
  • Piggyback Tuning Support 
  • Proprietary Tuning (Stage 1 & Stage 2) - Limited Model Suppor


GenerationTrim/ModelFlash Tuning OptionsPiggyback Tuning Options
992Carrera SFlat 6 Motorsports / VR Tuned / M-Engineering / APRRace Chip
991.2Turbo / SCobb Tuning / APRBurger Tuning / Race Chip
991.2Carrera / T / S / GTSCobb Tuning / APRBurger Tuning / VR Tuned
991.2GT3 / RSM-Engineering
991.1GT3 / RSM-Engineering
991.1Turbo / SCobb Tuning / EVOMSBurger Tuning / Race Chip
991.1Carrera / S /GTSCobb Tuning
997Turbo / SCobb Tuning / EVOMS / Flat 6 Motorsports
997Carrera / SEVOMS
996TurboCobb Tuning / EVOMS
996Carrera / C4SEVOMS / APR
718Base / S / GTSCobb Tuning / APRBurger Tuning / Race Chip
981Base / S / GTS / GT4Cobb Tuning / Fabspeed
987.2SCobb Tuning / EVOMS
987.1Base / SEVOMS / APR
95B.2S / GTS / TurboFlat 6 MotorsportsBurger Tuning / Vector Tuning / DTE Systems 
95BBase / S / GTS / TurboCobb Tuning / APR (2.0L) Vector Tuning / Race Chip / Burger Tuning (2.0L) / ChipWerke / VR Tuned
971TurboFlat 6 MotorsportsRace Chip
971S / 4S / GTSFlat 6 MotorsportsRace Chip / DTE Systems / VR Tuned
970TurboFlat 6 Motorsports / EVOMS / VR TunedBurger Tuning / Race Chip / ChipWerke
9YABase / S / TurboFlat 6 MotorsportsRace Chip
958TurboEVOMS / Fabspeed / VR TunedBurger Tuning / Race Chip / ChipWekre
958Base (958.2) / S / GTSEVOMS
958S HybridChipWerke
957Base / S / GTS / TurboEVOMS
955TurboAPR / EVOMS
955Base / SEVOMS