Project Panamera Turbo - IPD Plenum Review

Project Panamera Turbo - IPD Plenum Review

The IPD Plenum for the 970 Panamera Turbo was developed to increase power through it's unique design. Analysis of air flow lead to a design that decreases air turbulence and increases air velocity. Greater air velocity delivers more power and is a proven technique used by engine tuners over the years. The IPD plenum is machined from aluminum and manufactured in the U.S.A. 


Install Guide

Tools Needed

  • Flat Head Screwdriver 
  • Socket Wrench (3/8")
  • 4mm Hex Bit
  • 6mm Hex Bit
  • T-30 Torx Bit
  • Pliers (Optional) 

Driving Impressions 

We noticed quicker throttle response and a smoother delivery of boost particularly at lower RPMs. The Plenum makes the Panamera Turbo feel more solid under load and a worthwhile addition to the vehicle. We will see what improvements were made on the dyno both with the Panamera Turbo completely stock and over time, we will see the gains with other upgrades like a tune, downpipes, resonator delete and upgraded intercoolers. 

Performance Data

Tests were done with a data recorder in Sport Plus mode with the PSE activated. The pull was between 30MPH and 80MPH to control for any variances in traction or launching. The vehicle was set in manual mode in 2nd gear and allowed the turbos to spool before the 30MPH threshold was reached. This means, the performance data shows directly the improvement made with the Plenum just by the improvement to air flow. As noted, we noticed slightly improved throttle response from pedal input with the IPD Plenum installed. 

  30-80 MPH
Stock  4.49
IPD Plenum 4.38





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