Stage 1 APR Tune on 991.2 Carrera (Base)

Stage 1 APR Tune on 991.2 Carrera (Base)

We recently had the opportunity to install the APR Stage 1 calibration to a client's 991.2 Base Carrera. The 3.0L is a very stout engine. It features a closed deck design along with forged internals. Porsche even applies plasma transferred wire arc thermal spraying to the cylinders to reduce heat inside of the block. 

Sometimes our clients just want to do a few simple upgrades and keep their Porsche close to the factory spec. This client had upgraded the air filter to a BMC Air Filter and installed a Rennline Phone Mount. While he enjoyed the factory power levels he was looking for a little more. He chose the APR Stage 1 tune given the reasonable price point and raving reviews online from other owners. 

As an authorized APR dealer, Flat 6 Motorsports installed the Stage 1 calibration. We proudly recommend APR for tuning as they do an incredible amount of work in testing and developing tunes. They go far beyond a few dyno runs to validate performance. They install 30+ sensors and analyze an incredible amount of data capture to make the car not only perform better but also drive better. This value proposition was a clear no-brainier for our client's base Carrera. 

Dyno (991.2 Base Carrera - Stage 1 APR Tune on 93 Octane)

APR Stage 1 Dyno - Base 3.0L 991.2 Carrera (Flat 6 Motorsports) 

The results are simply impressive! Adding 125 horsepower and 133 ft-lb of torque is transformational power out of a tune. Best of all, it's completely safe on the vehicle 

From The Driver's Seat

Driving the 991.2 Carrera after the APR Stage 1 calibration was applied was a pure joy. The engine's response is dramatically improved. All operation of the throttle is smooth and predictable. When you put your foot into the accelerator, you quickly hear the response of the turbos as they spool up. As they build up boost pressure, the Carrera starts ripping forward in completely new ways. The power delivery is strong and intense feeling. With the Carrera being RWD, it brings a little more drama and fun-factor to accelerating compared to the 991 Turbo S. It has a little more attitude but doesn't let you down if you're seeking world-class power. 

We continue to be impressed by the 991.2 Carrera platform. The smaller 3.0L makes it more reliant on boost and it makes the turbos feel and sound incredible. The APR Stage 1 tune is a great value for all trims. APR's tune can also be calibrated for e85 or larger turbos. It is a common modification for folks to swap for the larger GTS turbos or a set of the Pure Turbos on the 991.2 platform. APR made 700whp with the Pure Turbos on e85! That was with all stock fueling. So the sky is the limit with this platform whether you just want a simple tune or take the performance to a modified 911 Turbo S level. 

If you have any questions about APR tuning for your Porsche or tuning in general, we'd love to help!

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