Vendor Spotlight - Rennline Inc.

Vendor Spotlight - Rennline Inc.

Rennline Incorporated is located in Milton, Vermont, and was created by Paul Jacques, a native Vermonter. Paul has decades of experience in the aerospace fabrication industry and has had a passion for the Porsche 911 and a number of other vehicles since his childhood.

Perhaps best known for their aftermarket Porsche parts, Rennline strives to manufacture functional pieces of equipment that are also aesthetically pleasing, no matter the application. With a number of CNC machines and a great team of engineers and manufacturing specialists, Rennline has tackled a wide variety of projects over the years, from MTV Music Awards to the dual ammunition feed on the military’s XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon to beer tap handles, and so much more.

Each piece is made to the highest quality, with zero tolerance for error. Tow hooks designed for real race applications, and fire extinguisher brackets designed to perform quickly, should you ever need it to. Rennline has even taken the concept of a phone mount to the next level, integrating their design into the factory Porsche interior panels, providing the most secure and sleek mount for spirited driving.

From tinkering in the workshop, Rennline is able to produce and test a multitude of items. Developing on the latest, as well as oldest, platforms keeps them busy with projects where only the best will come out of development, and make it to a full-fledged product.

Our favorite products?

The Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Mount and matching Seat Bracket make one of the cleanest fire extinguisher setups we've seen on the track to date. The custom machined aluminum cradle fits a 2.63, 2.90, or 3.00in fire extinguisher, and in the case of an emergency situation, provides fast access to what may be your last line of defense. Fits under stock seats or buckets.


Another must have from Rennline is their magnetic, OEM-fitting Phone Mount (991 Model shown). This requires a bit more time for installation removing factory trim panels, but providing a secure mounting point for your phone. Perfect when paired with a monitoring app on your phone, this mount stands far above generic phone mounts that ruin the look of your Porsche interior.

Check out our full line-up of Rennline products, or contact us for any special inquiries/questions at

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