Erik's 11 Second 95B.2 Macan S

Erik purchased his second Macan and as an avid automotive enthusiast, he wanted to take new facelifted Macan to the next level. Erik opted for several key performance modifications including the first Macan S to receive a turbo upgrade. 

Let's take a closer look at how we transformed this Macan S to an 11 second quarter mile rocket.


Erik preferred the stealthy blacked-out look on his Macan S. The black exterior was matched from the factory with black RS Spyder wheels. The Macan was finished off with some tint and the Flat 6 Motorsports Smoked Side Markers.


Engine / Transmission

Things get interesting here. Erik didn't want to just add power via a tune. He wanted to take his Macan S to the next level. It all started with the Flat 6 Motorsports Turbo Upgrade. In addition to the turbo, the Flat 6 Motorsports Cold Air Intake was added to help improve performance further. From a tuning standpoint, Erik opted to stack the Flat 6 Motorsports ECU Tune and the Burger Tuning JB4. 

The key advantage to this set-up is the ability to add power but also switch maps (93, e85, Water/Meth). The Burger Tuning Water/Meth kit was added for additional safety to keep the IATs nice and low ensuring long-term reliability. 

Erik also opted for the Remus Axle-Back Exhaust with Cross-Over Pipe for a clean install and aggressive sound. The tips were custom powder-coated in a gloss black finish.

To help keep the powertrain stable, a Powerflex Transmission Mount Insert was added tp provide rigidity under load. 


Erik chose to add some Raceseng PDK Paddle Shifters to his Macan. He chose the Red finish to contrast with the mostly black interior. These paddles add a nice quality look and also provide functionality with shifting. 

The factory shifter paddles are on the smaller side which makes it easy to miss a shift with the wheel at any angle. 

Dyno & Performance

Erik's Macan S made significant increases in power, torque and acceleration. He became the world's first 11-second Macan S in the quarter mile. 

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