BBI Autosport Rear Bump Steer Toe Links (997)


Designed to Fit

  • 2005 - 2011 Porsche 911 (including all variants)

Product Details

The BBI Rear Bump Steer Toe Links are made by ERP to help eliminate that rear end wiggle you get while tossing your 911 in a corner. What is being experienced is a number of things, however 2 of which stand out the most. The first is rubber deflection at the inner side of the stock toe link. When you start to lean into a corner, the rear suspension starts to experience a tremendous amount of side load. That load that is being exerted on the tire is transferred to the chassis via the control arms and links. The stock rear suspension on most 996 and 997 chassis (including the Carrera, GT3, GT2, and TT) have rubber “bushings” points of contact connection the moving wheel hub (un-sprung mass) to the sub-frame. When in a corner or ever under hard accelerating conditions, the compliant rubber in the factory toe link and control arms will actually move around causing the wheel alignment to change as you continue through the corner. BBI helps eliminate this “tail wag wiggle” by using high quality aerospace rod ends incorporated into this toe link. This helps maintain the wheel alignment while in a corner.


    About BBI Autosport

    BBI Autosport was founded in the Summer of 2005 with the mission of returning artistry and craft to the Exotic Tuning Market. Built by pure passion, and on a motorsport foundation, BBI has quickly become a household name in the Porsche Industry. 30+ years of combined professional racing history has fueled the engineering and development of performance parts and services. BBI Founders have participated in several Professional Racing Series including:

    • Rolex Grand American Racing
    • American Lemans
    • 24 Hours Lemans – 4 Races
    • 24hrs of Daytona – 9 Races
    • 12hrs of Sebring – 8 Races

    Numerous Championships and continued racing experience has fueled the ongoing development and improved standards at BBI Autosport.

    In our world of aftermarket tuning, good quality and craft have been let go in the name of cheapness and convenience. Where others strive to find cheaper materials and processes, we strive to find superior ingredients and time consuming rituals that will guarantee a product built solely on passion, artistry and craft. - BBI Autosport