Burger Tuning JB4 Tuner (Macan 2.0T)

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Designed to fit:

  • 2015 - 2020 Porsche Macan 2.0T (Base)
  • 2021+ Porsche Macan 2.0T (Base)

Product Details

The Burger Tuning JB4 is a true user adjustable plug and play solution for the Macan 2.0 Turbo. It features CANbus connectivity for more advanced tuning, direct AFR control, advanced safety systems for boost, air/fuel ratio, fuel trims, and engine knock, boost mapping by gear for improved traction, integrated water/meth control, and much more. 

The unit can be used with our JB4 Bluetooth Connect kit providing for full in car engine parameter display, map switching and adjustment Support is also provided for the IS20 turbo upgrade providing for outputs past the 300hp level.

Map Details:

  • Map 0: Stock with complete pass through i.e. the JB4 does nothing
  • Map 1: Tuned map with a average of 4.5psi over stock. This is the shipped map and is compatible for both 91 and 93 and can be used with cars on hardware.
  • Map 2: This map is a more aggressive map. Peak boost is set to 24psi with a taper down to 16psi at redline.
  • Map 4: This is a stock map but with JB4 logging ability. It is also the starter map for cars that are running flash tunes and are stacking the JB4. It will give the ability to log the car via the JB4. This is also the safety map, so in any circumstance the JB4 detects a unsafe condition regardless of map it will default to this map. This includes knock detection, lean AFR or the boost safety value being triggered due to lack of boost control.
  • Map 6: User adjustable boost map. The map comes preset with a 5.0psi over stock peak and is ready to use on any car running 93 octane. The preset map is also suitable for manual cars with clutch longevity in mind.

Wirelessly connect the JB4 to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the JB4 Mobile connect kit, or to your Windows laptop with the BMS data cable. Both options allow you to record and analyze vehicle and tuning data, change JB4 performance maps, and update JB4 firmware as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps, and new features under development. 
Includes Bluetooth Module!
 JB4 dyno map 1
Power Gains:
  • +50hp / + 70 ft/lbs on 91 Octane (+4.0psi of Boost)


 Mobile App 

Google Play Store - JB4 App Link 
Apple App Store - JB4 App Link
About Burger Tuning:

Burger Tuning Logo - Flat 6 Motorsports

Flat 6 Motorsports is proud to partner with Burger Tuning to provide the best piggyback tuning experience to our Porsche fans. Enjoy the customization, power gains, and easy install without worrying about flashing your ECU! 

Ready to take it to the next level? Burger Motorsports is the manufacturer of the world-famous JB4 performance tuner. We've been pioneering plug & play performance tuning, intakes, and mods for street-inspired race cars since 2007.

The JB4 is a plug and play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The tuner installs between your cars sensor and it's DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections. While it's not the only tuning system that operates this way the JB4 separates itself from the competition with much more advanced connection points and processing including CANbus, fuel & spark control, bluetooth to your smartphone, and a variety of innovative and advanced features not possible with any other system. BMS regularly publishes free mapping and firmware updates adding performance and features as ongoing development allows. In addition the JB4 system is not VIN locked to your vehicle and can quickly removed and swapped between cars or resold at a later time. Often imitated but never duplicated the JB4 has been the gold standard in plug and play turbocharged performance tuning for over a decade.