Cete Automotive - Active Suspension Control Module (Panamera 971 w/ Air Suspension)


Designed to fit

  • 2017+ Porsche Panamera 971 (all variants)

Note - Works with air suspension equipped Panamera's only. 

Product Details

With Cete Automotive's Active air suspension control modules you have the opportunity to avoid the regular setup levels of your air suspension and control it according to your wishes!

The handling of the former model was improved and that’s why they developed a new smartphone app. The connection sets up easier and your smartphone battery will be spared.

It has a high-quality, black eloxed aluminium housing and it’s almost a pity that it’ll be put behind the covers of the car.



Functions of the Active Suspension App for car lowering

With the free smartphone app further functions are available:

  • Total control - You are still able to control your air suspension via the Audi MMI.
  • Porsche Drive Select - You are able to set up each original Carprofile with individual values. This means that you can set up following profiles with its own lowered or raised values:
    • Normal Level
    • Sport Level
    • Sport+ Level
    • Terrain Level (Offroad Mode)
    • Original Low level Switch
    • The original Low level switch can still be used to lower the car by further 10-15mm.
  • Switch Off Speed - With the help of our app you are able to set a speed limit. Exceeding this speed will put your vehicle to the original height.
  • Show Mode - You are on a tuning meeting and want the car have a particularly depth? Just check out the Show Mode and your vehicle goes downwards as desired.
  • Exact adjustment - Did you notice that you air suspension is slightly misaligned? Often you can’t realize this until it’s lowered a lot. If this is the case your car wasn’t calibrate perfectly. In order to fix this we developed a function within the app. It can be evened up.

An option for people who like it the extreme way: You can choose to use an extension kit for venting the air suspension completely while it’s in Show Mode.

Video (Macan Shown)

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Cete Automotive

Cete Automotive GmbH is a German-based electronic manufacturer of solutions for active sound, valve, and suspension tuning.