Elephant Racing Eccentric Monoball Bearing (996)


Designed to Fit

  • 1999 - 2005 Porsche 911

Product Details

These Eccentric Control Arm Monoball Cartridges replace inner rubber bushings with spherical bearings, provide low friction and precisely hold camber settings. The eccentric design allows increasing or decreasing camber, as needed.
Made from hardened steel, plated and weather sealed, these bearings are made to last. Fits easily into the front and rear stock and GT3 type control arms of 1997- on to 991 cars.
Increasing camber: Position the eccentric to Maximize Lower Wishbone length, adding about .36 degree of negative camber on the rear suspension, .39 degrees on the front suspension cost effective for cars that just want extra camber. 
Decreasing camber:  Position the eccentric to minimize Lower Wishbone length. Perfect for lowered cars that have too much negative camber and want to get back to factory camber settings to minimize tire wear on the street. Makes rear camber about .36 degrees more positive, front camber about .39 degrees more positive.

    About Elephant Racing 

    Suspension Science, Made Easy

    Elephant Racing is the established global leader in design and manufacture of performance suspension products for Porsche cars.

    Silicon Valley is the new center of automotive technology, electric, and autonomous cars. Elephant Racing is the Silicon Valley approach applied to automotive suspension products. Our business model is built around web enablement, sophisticated engineering tools, and the development of advanced automotive suspension technology

    ER's 10,000 sqft R&D facility is located in Santa Clara, California USA. It is fully equipped with 3D CAD, testing, simulation and modeling tools, complete auto shop, and machine tools for development and prototyping. Building on our base of performance Porsche suspension technology, our areas of development focus include the following:

    • Interactive and semi-active suspension control
    • Advanced damper technology
    • Automotive Suspension Mechatronics
    • Web enablement and Web tools

    They hold patent in the category of suspension bushing design and are pursuing further patents in damper and semi-active suspension control technology.

    Founded in 2002, their innovation, continuously expanding product line, dedication to customer service, and global distribution has made Elephant Racing the leader in performance suspension for Porsche cars.