Flat 6 Motorsports - 4 Pin Electronic Valve Simulator (Macan 95B.2/95B.3)


Designed to Fit

  • 2019+ Porsche Macan S / GTS / Turbo (including all V6 95B.2 or 95B.3)

NOTE - Sold individually. PSE vehicles require a QTY of 2, non-PSE vehicles only require a QTY of 1

Product Details

These custom made Electronic Valve Simulators easily plug right into the factory harnesses on the 95B.2 & 95B.3 Macan that uses a 4-pin valve actuator to prevent a Check Engine Light. This is particularly useful for Macan owners who are upgrading to a muffler bypass system or a system that doesn't resuse the factory valve actuators. Simply plug these into the factory harness and drive off without a fault or Check Engine Light (CEL). 

These simulators can also be used to have the valves always stay open which will enhance the sound of the factory mufflers, both the standard and PSE set-up. 


  • Easy plug & play 
  • OEM components
  • Made in the USA
  • Now includes Non-Invasive Mount for clean & simple install


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