FVD Brombacher Sport Muffler System (Macan Turbo)


Designed to fit

  • 2015 - 2019 Porsche Macan Turbo

Product Details

  • + 15 Hp & + 18 Tq Gain.
  • 2.5" Tubing (63.5mm).
  • 4 x 4"(101mm) Round Tips.
  • 8.5 lb. weight savings over OEM mufflers.
  • T 316 stainless steel for improved durability over T 304.
  • Does NOT interfere with emissions and will NOT trigger the check engine light.
  • ECU programming (software) is NOT NECESSARY.
  • Electronic Valve Controller must be removed from the OEM unit and added to our muffler.
  • Made in Germany.

Please note: This muffler is a direct replacement the Macan Turbo (95B) model which comes with a single electronic exhaust valve on the passenger side.

This is the very 1st aftermarket muffler for the Macan 95B Turbo that includes a valve like the factory system. This allows our system to build the torque specified by Porsche by increasing the back pressure in the low to mid rpms and then acts a muffler bypass at higher rpms to give added horsepower. This is a very important feature that we decided to keep and build upon allowing for lower end torque and more rich deep exotic tones in the higher rpms. This feature also allows our mufflers to keep a quiet civilized tone while cruising and around the town.

The design and construction of our mufflers are vastly different than the common baffle plated muffles stuffed with packing material that are common in the aftermarket. Ours are uniquely made with double perforated sound absorption tubes. The acoustic silencer absorption tubes are made in a trapezoidal pattern and are perforated with varying diameters, which isolate and dampen unwanted frequencies (drone). Perforated tubes at higher gas velocities, present much less flow restriction than baffle plates and consequently translates into larger horsepower gains at higher RPMs. Also they produce the aggressive gurgling sound and contribute to the low, deep tones that you hear when the electronic exhaust valve opens. The exhaust tips are a dual 4” round design and are double walled to dissipate heat, which means that they won’t tarnish as quickly as single walled tips. The design fit’s the factory cut outs in the bumper perfectly and is mounted via a ball style-connecting joint so they can be perfectly adjusted in all directions which allows them to be centered perfectly.


About FVD Brombacher 

FVD was founded in 1983. After many years in the Porsche industry they are produce and stock Porsche racing parts, replacement parts, and accessories backed by certified Porsche mechanics! The top tuner in Germany and the top tuner in Florida have teamed up to give customers outstanding customer service on their high-end race oriented parts.