M-Engineering - M-Tuner Suite ECU Tuning (992 Turbo)


Designed to Fit

  • 2020+ Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S (992)

Product Description

The Porsche 992 Turbo M-Tuner Suite by M-Engineering was developed from the ground up over many months of testing, starting overseas with the help of our dealers before being the first in the US to start tuning these cars. M-Engineering has been at the forefront of Porsche ECU tuning, and has spent countless hours of research and development to provide reliable performance improvements.

Our M-Tuner Calibration Suite will allow at-home OBD flashing, no ECU removal is necessary. Our software also features the ability to read and clear faults, datalog, view live data, and flash back to stock at your convenience.

Adjustments are made to improve the throttle response, remove top speed limiters, adjust air/fuel ratios, increase boost, and modify ignition timing and much more to improve the overall driving performance of the 3.7L twin-turbocharged engine. M-Engineering still utilizes all OEM ECU engine safety strategies. 

What's Included?

  • M-Tuner Dongle for OBD Flashing
  • USB Cable
  • M-Engineering maps built for your 992 Turbo (see calibration notes)
  • Ability to go back to stock
  • M-Engineering Support

New Features:

  • Raise Rev Limiter
  • PSE Exhaust Valve Modifications (true ON or OFF function, no need to buy a standalone PSE valve controller)
  • Stationary Rev Limiter Removal
  • Loud Cold Start Elimination 
  • Auto Start/Stop Elimination
  • Removal of pops and burbles in sport mode

We have maps available in Stage 1 and Stage 2 configurations in 91, 93, and 100 octane. 

These are the current vehicles supported by this version of M-Tuner. Please review our calibration notes below for more information regarding hardparts requirements, octane requirements, and additional dyno plots. 

Turbo Base: Official numbers coming soon! 

Turbo S: Our Stage 1 tune results in an increase of approximately +114whp & +145ft-lbs tq on 93 octane.

With a basic Stage 1 calibration the 992 Turbo S can make 700whp on 91 octane(95 RON), 721whp on 93 octane (98RON), and 751whp on 100oct (104 RON). Our refined calibration takes a stock 992 Turbo S and turns it into a reliable 9 second 1/4 mile car!

992 Turbo S - Stage 1 91octane

992 Turbo S - Stage1 91

992 Turbo S - Stage 1 93octane

992 Turbo S - Stage1 93

992 Turbo S - Stage 1 100octane

 992 Turbo S - Stage1 100

Flat 6 Testing

992 Turbo S - Stage 1 Dyno (Flat 6 Motorsports)

992 Turbo S - Stage 2 Dyno (Flat 6 Motorsports)

992 Turbo S - Stage 1 vs Stage 2 Dyno (Flat 6 Motorsports)

M-Engineering 992 Turbo S - Stage 1 Dyno (Flat 6 Motorsports)

M-Engineering 992 Turbo S - Stage 1 Dragy (Flat 6 Motorsports)




About M-Engineering

M-Engineering Logo - Flat 6 Motorsports

We are a group of automotive enthusiasts who push the envelope of stock ecu advancements in modern automotive supercars. M-Engineering was started with a goal of providing a much needed service to the aftermarket industry. We strive to make sure that we are on the leading edge of development and calibration. No matter the platform, we are here to help with reverse engineering, hardware design, software design or calibration. We can do it all. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!