RaceChip Ultimate Plug & Play Tuning (Macan)


Designed to fit:

  • 2015+ Porsche Macan S
  • 2015+ Porsche Macan Turbo
  • 2017 Porsche Macan GTS

Power Gains

  • Macan S - RaceChip claims an increase of 69hp and 59 ft lbs over the factory output
  • Macan Turbo - RaceChip claims an increase of 81hp and 96 ft lbs over the factory output
  • Macon GTS - RaceChip claims an increase of 69hp and 74 ft lbs over the factory output

Product Details

Release the true power, economy and driveability of your Porsche - safely, easily and in minutes! RaceChip has a plug-in upgrade for you! Unlike "generic" tuning systems, our unit has been specifically programmed to get the best from your Porsche Macan. And because the power module works in harmony with your engine's ECU rather than replacing it, all engine safety functions are retained. What's more, the system can be just as easily removed, leaving no trace of fitment, returning your vehicle to factory standard at any time.

Best performance. Micro-processor controlled
RaceChip® Ultimate is the first to use the highly adaptable ARM Cortex™ III processor. This microcontroller with its 48 MHz clock speed is at the heart of our ultimate chiptuning. The highest performance possible in the smallest space available to guarantee optimized performance adjustments in microseconds with the trigger being the gas pedal.

The Ultimate RaceChip® is shipped to you with an individually set default for your car. Later, after installation you are able to further customize your RaceChip® Ultimate chiptuning box. It’s quick, it’s easy and without expert knowledge. 

Eco-Tuning – fast and frugal
With RaceChip® Ultimate and a fluid, smooth driving style you can save up to 5 mpg of fuel with increased performance.

FCI Automotive Connectors
The widely used professional automotive connector from FCI guarantees the highest stability and reliability. Therefore, we have included FCI Automotive Connectors with the RaceChip® Ultimate chiptuning box. These plug-in connectors are of the highest quality.

Fiberglass reinforced design casing
The new heat-resistant casing made of fiberglass reinforced plastic results in perfectly protected electronics from adverse conditions. The compact dimensions allow you to install RaceChip® Ultimate easily and without special tools or specific automotive knowledge.


About RaceChip

Manuel Götz, a chiptuning specialist founded RaceChip® in late 2007. However, a team of developers had been working since 1994 tuning vehicles using OBD tuning which later became the model for chip tuning.

In 2008 brothers Manuel and Daniel Gotz branded RaceChip® in a 1000 square foot attic in Holzmaden.  Manufacturing the latest version of RaceChip® chiptuning modules and the engaging work environment quickly made RaceChip® a sought after employer and quickly grew to 10 employees. In November 2012, the company grew to 46 employees and with it the introduction of RaceChip® Ultimate.  RaceChip® Ultimate boasted a 48 MHz processor and a high-profile FCI automotive connector.  The newest version made power available in real time.

RaceChip Philosophy for Safety

RaceChip® products are only available via auxiliary controllers. Why? This is the only way to maintain the original software of the vehicle and the motor protection programs through the vehicle manufacturers. To read more about the benefits of chiptuning opposed to OBD tuning read more in ‘What is chiptuning’.

Chiptuning Made in Germany

For RaceChip® quality is paramount. After all, what is fun when your safety and the integrity of your vehicle is in jeopardy. This is why at RaceChip® our chiptuning modules are developed and manufactured either in house or within the Stuttgart area, where quality matters. In addition, RaceChip® has been certified with the German TUV since 2009 underscoring the high product quality and safety of RaceChip® products.

A Dedicated Team of Employees

At RaceChip® we work as a team and encourage the commitment of each individual. Our staff is our most valuable asset. Our team develops, tests, troubleshoots, and manages our products. RaceChip® is also involved in training the next generation in the workforce. In 2012 alone, four new apprentices joined the team working in areas of development, marketing, administration and customer support.