Raceseng - Titanium Stud Conversion Kit


Designed to Fit:

  • All Porsche Models (Universal Fitment / M14x1.5mm)

Product Details

Raceseng's wheel stud conversion kit converts your inconvenient lug bolts to wheel studs. These can be used with or without spacers so you can dial in your flush fitment. Since they are machined from titanium, they will never rust like traditional steel wheel studs.

Each stud conversion kit includes 20 wheel studs, a torx socket and thread locker for easy installation.


  • Machined from grade 5 Ti-6AL-4V Titanium (44 grams each)
  • Roll formed threads for superior strength and durability
  • Works with all OEM and aftermarket wheels
  • 80mm in length
  • Works with up to 15mm spacer

    Not Your Average Wheel Stud

    We took proper wheel stud design + engineering and combined it with titanium to create the industry's best wheel stud conversion kit.


    Proper Design & Engineering

    Raceseng wheel studs feature a defined shoulder (Arrow #1) that forces the wheel stud to properly seat and torque into the hub. The shoulder properly burdens the load of the wheel stud and prevents failure.

    The unthreaded section on the frontside shoulder (Arrow #2) sits under the brake rotor and wheel pad. By not putting threads in this area we greatly reduce the risk of failure due to stress risers from unnecessary threads.

    Titanium Won't Rust

    If you've invested into a beautiful set of wheels, there is nothing worse than having your wheel studs rust. Raceseng studs are machined from titanium and they will NOT rust, keeping your wheel setup looking mint.

    Easy Installation

    Installing your wheel studs should not be difficult. That’s why we integrated a T40 torx driver into the wheel stud for easy installation and removal.



    WEIGHT  \  44 grams

    THREAD SIZE  \  M14x1.5mm

    THREADS  \  Roll Formed Threads

    MATERIAL  \  Grade 5 Titanium Ti-6AL-4V

    SPACERS  \  Accommodates Up To 15mm Wide


    About Raceseng

    The birth of Raceseng dates back to 2005 when a father and son were inspired to merge their combined design, engineering and manufacturing skills with their passion for racing. With a legacy of racing history dating back to 1957, the driving goal was to create a company that embodied their passion and knowledge to completely design, develop and manufacture a line of high performance automotive products. Ever since then, we have set out on a journey being well aware that its going to take many years of hard work to build out our vision!