Tneer - High Flow Downpipes (Macan GTS/Turbo 95B.2)


Designed to Fit

  • 2020+ Porsche Macan GTS / Turbo (2.9L)

Product Details

The Tneer High Flow Downpipes for the 2.9L twin turbo Macan GTS and Turbo (20+), enhance the flow characteristics of the post-turbo exhaust flow. The factory downpipes integrate restrictive catalysts and particulate filters that rob power by restricting flow and adding back pressure to the turbos and engine. This also traps heat on the turbo exit increasing IATs with heat soak. 

The Tneer downpipes are a direct factory replacement made of high-quality T-304 stainless steel. Offered with a high flow catalyst for greater emission compliance or in a race version with no catalyst for maximum flow. 

Note - tuning/ O2 Spacer may be required when running the Sport cat/catless version to remove check engine light. The downpipes come sandblasted with a satin finish. The raw finish photos are displayed to show craftsmanship. Downpipes are known for creating unpleasant sound and resonance on the Macan at certain RPM ranges. 


  • T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Improved performance & sound 
  • Eliminates restrictive OEM catalyst/particulate filters 
  • Improved turbo response




About Tneer

Tneer Logo - Flat 6 Motorsports

TNEER pursuits excellent quality and design with its' Sports Series Exhaust System. It overcomes the space-limit of the car by bending high-quality stainless steel pipes with a high-tech robotic pipe-bending machine instead of multi-welding. With this technology, these stainless steel pipes are compatible with the performance of the care and show excellent quality no matter in any kinds of environments such as snowing ground, desert even on Circuit and cross-country race with its' durability and corrosion resistance ability.