Cobb Accessport Instructions - 718 & 991.2

Cobb Accessport Instructions - 718 & 991.2

The Porsche 718 and 991.2 require to mail in the ECU to Cobb to unlock the ECU prior to installing the Cobb Accessport. This is applicable for the following vehicles:

Note - This system is only provides shipping labels to customer in the United States. For international orders, please contact us to arrange logistics. 

How It Works:

  1. When you purchase an Accessport from Flat 6 Motorsports, a trigger in our system send a note to Cobb's warehouse and fulfillment team.

  2. Once there, Cobb's shipping team sends out a nondescript box via UPS 2-Day Air. This box shows up inside of a protective outer box to ensure your packaging arrives safely. Inside of the box is packing material to protect your ECU.

  3. Once you've received the box it's time to remove your ECU. Check out our website for instructions on how to remove the unit from your car.  
  4. With your ECU removed from the car, add it into the provided static free bag with the connector towards the inside.

  5. After folding over the top of the bag, Put the ECU in the lower foam piece

  6. Now go ahead and put in the upper foam piece with a cutout for the Accessport.

  7. With everything in place, seal up the box and drop it off at your nearest UPS location. The label should already come pre-attached to the top of the box.  Should it be damaged in any way contact us and we can get you a replacement.

  8. Once it arrives to Cobb, their friendly receiving team will bring it over to their ECU repair room.

  9. When their repair technician receives the ECU they'll send out an email notifying you that the ECU has been received so that you know it has arrived here safely.

  10. At this point they take the unit over to our purpose-built machine designed to pull the entire cover of the ECU off.

  11. With the cover removed it goes into Cobb's special process in order to enable the Accessport to be installed on it. After which they test everything to ensure proper operation.

  12. Once done they reseal the ECU with sealant and clamp the lid back down to keep out any kind of dirt or moisture.

  13. Now it will get placed into it's packaging and shipped out to you along with the Accessport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don't you Install the Accessport before sending it out to me so I don't have to do it when it gets here?

A.There are a few different reasons for that.  One reason is that we don't immediately know what map you want to flash, whether your car is stage 1, 2 or should really be on a custom tune.  Another reason is that while we do testing here to make sure everything works, we only really see what is going on with the ECU itself.  In order to make sure everything is working properly on the rest of the vehicle we need to do the flashing on the car.  This is important since you could potentially get stuck on an incorrect map or something on your car (aftermarket electronics or damaged wiring) could block communication with the Accessport, and we'd rather find those things out as soon as possible.


Q. What happens if the ECU arrives damaged?

A. If there is physical damage to the packaging or ECU when it arrives either at COBB Headquarters or at your front door our first step is to let you know, likewise your first step should be to get in touch with us.  Each of the packages are insured through UPS and we promise to do everything in our power to get you going again as soon as possible.

Q. What happens if it can't be programmed?

A. While rare, in some instances the ECU may not be physically damaged but may be defective enough that we are unable to flash it.  If for any reason we are unable to perform the backdooring process we'll reach out to you and let you know as well as give you options specific to your case.

Q. What if my ECU has previously been tuned

A. While things can always change in the future, at this time we are able to flash over all known competitor flashes.

Q. Can the Dealership tell it has been flashed?

A. At this time, yes.  It's very likely that the dealership will be able to see this, so if you're concerned about warranty or racing bodies being able to detect the flash, you may want to wait until we've further refined the process.

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