Flat 6 Motorsports Invests In Enhanced Dyno Testing

Flat 6 Motorsports Invests In Enhanced Dyno Testing

As a commitment to our customers, Flat 6 Motorsports has invested in equipment to provide better testing data and insights. For many years, Flat 6 Motorsports has been a leader in the Porsche performance industry by providing real-world testing data from Dragy acceleration metrics, lap times, and dyno graphs. We have recently acquired hub dynos to enhance our ability to test and collect information. We plan to produce more content showing the results from various performance parts. Hub dynos provide great accuracy and repeatability as they bolt via an adapter directly to the hub. This eliminates any variables with tires or strapping. We look forward to testing more parts and providing more insights to our customer base. 

Here's our first test taking a 981 Boxster S and validating the power stock vs with a Cobb Accessport. 

Flat 6 Motorsports Performance Testing Protocol


As mentioned above, a big advantage of a hub dyno is the consistency and reduction of variables with tires and strapping technique required on a chassis dyno. We use 2 dedicated fans on the radiators and 2 dedicated fans on intakes or intercoolers if applicable. We have 3D printed shrouds to maximize flow to Porsche vehicles from our intake fans. In addition, we use ventilation fans to move air from the exhaust out of our shop space. 

We typically will start our testing with baseline runs. We usually will do 2-3 pulls for each testing scenario to ensure the numbers are consistent. We typically wait 5-10 minutes between pulls to allow the vehicle to cool back down. Without real wind speed, vehicles can heat soak pretty quick, even with fans on them. Our goal is to provide accurate and as real world of testing as possible. 


The Dragy is a powerful and convenient tool. It's such a robust unit, we scraped our Garmin Catalyst at the track to record lap times in favor of the much smaller and simpler Dragy and it's track app. For acceleration testing, we use the exact same stretch of pavement. It's not perfect, but it's close and safe. In fact, it has a slight upward grade, a couple of dips/bumps and a nice 45 degree kink about half way down the testing strip. We would love to have a prepared drag strip for testing but it just isn't feasible, particularly with customer builds/vehicles. We do 2 runs in each testing scenario with a 1 minute cruising cooldown at speed between runs to allow IATs to recover. While Flat 6 Motorsports will never put down impressive times or set records, our testing protocol is the most real world testing example you'll have of pulling up to a random stoplight or backroad in your community and giving it the same go. We do not manipulate tire pressure or do anything else with the vehicle that would help it perform better. Trust us, with a little bit of your own testing and perseverance, you'll recognize better times than we put down. For us, it's very important to look at the differences or deltas in the data to understand cause and effect. 

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