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At Flat 6 we have continued to develop the 992 platform from simple bolt-ons, all the way to upgraded turbocharger kits. The 992-generation 911 Carrera build upon the success of the 991.2 Carrera leveraging a twin-turbo 3.0L engine that receives a lot of high-end technology making it a very durable platform with fantastic tuning potential. Popular modifications such as the M-Engineering Stage 1 Tune for the 992 Carrera S provide incredible gains with a simple flash tune. For some clients, the stock power is enough for them to enjoy the car and they look for simple and subtle upgrades to enhance the look and feel of their 911. A recent 992 to visit our studio was this beautifully spec’d 992 Carrera with Aero Kit sporting Lava Orange paint and Carrera Exclusive Design Wheels.

This client came to us interested in subtle upgrades to create a simple and OEM-plus enhanced look. We installed the H&R VTF Height Adjustable Springs and H&R Wheel Spacers to achieve their vision. Unlike conventional lowering springs, Height Adjustable Springs are a great suspension modification if you’re looking to control the ride height without compromising the handling and comfort. Adding wheel spacers to a lowered car creates a more aggressive look that’s often more appealing than the factory “tucked” look. 

(Above) 992 front suspension removal alongside a 997 Turbo we previously covered.

(Above) Stock 911 shock with H&R spring being mounted

(Above) H&R H.A.S. installed on the front suspension 

(Below) H&R H.A.S. installed on the rear suspension

We were very excited to see the difference in height from the factory setup. After a few ups-and-downs on the lift we dialed in the suspension to create the stance you see below. 

(Above) Stock Ride Height 

(Below) H.A.S. + Spacers

The exact measurements will most likely vary but for this 992 it dropped 1.3" in the front and 1.5" in the rear. With 14mm spacers in the front and 15mm in the rear, the tire tucks nicely and doesn’t rub under full suspension compression or heavy cornering.

If you’re interested in a driving impression of how this 992 operates check out the more in-depth coverage on our YouTube Channel

We think this set-up paired with the BMC Air Filters, IPD Plenum, an Exhaust and M-Engineering Tune would make the perfect enthusiast build while retaining all of the OEM comfort and ride quality. Essentially sharpening the blade of what the 992 Carrera delivers and closing the gap between Carrera and the Turbo model in terms of performance. The 992 Carrera in RWD can provide a lighter and more lively feel like Carreras in the past. With the newest architecture from Porsche, it provides significant opportunity for owners to enhance from simple mods like these to upgraded turbochargers and custom tuning. In this current market with high inflation and limited supply of vehicles, Porsche values have increased and the Carrera now represents one of the best bargains in the Porsche range.


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