Flat 6 Motorsports is now an Authorized APR Dealer!

Flat 6 Motorsports is now an Authorized APR Dealer!

APR is an automotive engineering firm operating a 78,000 sq. ft. performance campus in Opelika, AL with 50+ employees. APR was founded in 1997 with a corporate philosophy of Innovation, Integrity, and Excellence. APR's Sole Mission is to provide the highest quality and most highly engineered aftermarket performance products available for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

APR has been a renowned tuner for decades focusing heavily on Audi but actually began tuning Porsche's with the 996 Turbo. They have recently invested more resources into the newer Porsche platforms and even have a 992 they are developing tuning for now. We're proud to offer their tuning as an authorized dealer. We look forward to tuning more Porsche vehicles as they continue to develop world-class tuning solutions.

APR has tuning solutions available for the following Porsche vehicles:

  • 991.2 Turbo S
  • 991.2 Carrera / T / GTS
  • 997.1 Turbo
  • 997.1 Carrera / S
  • 996 Turbo
  • 996 Carrera
  • 718 Base / S / GTS
  • 987.1 Cayman / Boxster S
  • 955 Cayenne Turbo 
  • 95B Macan 2.0L

As of now, all tuning must be done at our Orlando, FL facility but we are exploring some options on travel tuning services. Feel free to email info@flat6motorsports.com if you have any questions or interest.

Flat 6 Motorsports - Authorized APR Dealer

Check out their tuning platform on the 991.2 Carrera. This is a base model with GTS turbos, intercooler and running E85. The gains are incredible to say the least. 

APR Tune by Flat 6 Motorsports - 991.2 Carrera T with GTS Turbos

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