New 992 Products! [UPDATED]

New 992 Products! [UPDATED]

Ready to start modding your fresh-off-the-lot 992 generation 911? From suspension, to tuning options, Flat 6 Motorsports has you covered.

We continually search for the latest and greatest Porsche performance parts updating our site and providing more coverage on updates and changes. Across our 85+ product vendors, we work hand in hand to bring new solutions to market. 

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Tuning Options

As of now, we offer Vivid Racing's bench-flash tuning solution for the 992 Carrera and Carrera S. This will require removal of the ECU and shipping it to us. 

If you do not prefer to flash the ECU, we also offer the DTE Systems piggyback tuning solution. 

[Edit] Recently introduced Racechip GTS Black now available by special order!

Cobb Tuning has not yet released an Accessport compatible with the 992 Carrera.

992 ECU Tuning Upgrades



Already we're seeing our partners at Akrapovic, Fabspeed, and others releasing their systems for 992 Carrera models. If you're looking to achieve power without ECU tuning or remapping, a set of High Flow Downpipes might do the trick for you! Akrapovic's link pipes and matching exhaust system are able to increase peak horsepower by 14hp, and 10ft/lbs of torque! These are made with a HJS 200cell catalytic converter, so you won't have to retune or worry about a check engine light.\

[Edit] Recently added, the Capristo Exhaust suite for 992.

992 Exhaust Upgrades



As the rest of the Porsche world catches up, BMC has already provided the best OEM replacement solution, as their performance filters for 992 are the only on the market to date. Porsche utilizes BMC filters from the factory in the 918 and GT3 RS. Improvements are made by replacing the limiting paper medium filter with their signature mesh filter design. 

Image result for 992 bmc filter

992 Intake Upgrades 



Ready to hit the track with your newly-acquired 992? Thanks to some similarities with previous designs, JRZ was able to be first to market with their RS1 and RS2 coilover kits. These have a wide range of adjustment, making it a great choice for the spirited driver.

Looking for something a bit more reserved, but still benefiting from a lowered center of gravity and better wheel fitment? H&R released their Sport Springs for 992 Carrera, which works with the factory PASM system so you can still have comfort or sport settings.

NEW: KW Just released their HAS Kit for 992 Carrer and Carrera S models. This will turn your OEM struts into adjustable coilovers, offering the adjustment to get the perfect ride height Available here.

992 Suspension Upgrades



Were you're lucky enough to get a manual transmission 992? Look no further than the Numeric Racing Short Shift kit, now available with 992 fitment, which replaces any sloppy/loose bushing with a ball bearing, and precision-machined parts. Fits beneath the factory center-console, retaining a very clean, OEM look. 

[Edit] Updated the entire 992 Brake catalog with fitment for Carrera and Turbo models, including new Pagid Racing pads!


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We'll be constantly updating our inventory and website to provide you with the most information on 992 performance parts, so stay tuned!

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