YouTuber Jay Read visits Flat 6 motorsports

Jay comprehensively tests 5 different exhaust configurations for his 996 Carrera

Porsche 996: DEFINITIVE Exhaust Guide

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Jay Read

Jay Read is a 996 Carrera owner and passionate Porsche enthusiast. He shares his passion for Porsche through his YouTube Channel Jay Read Porsche. When Jay reached out to learn more about different exhaust options for his 996 Carrera, like many folks, he wanted to hear more sounds. When he said he would be willing to come over 1,000 miles away to our shop, we came up with an idea. Why don't you try a bunch of different exhausts and document your journey? He agreed and we booked a couple of days for Jay to visit our shop and experience 5 different exhaust configurations on his 996. 

Jay described his desires for an exhaust system. Like many other Porsche owners, he wanted something refined but with a nice bump in sound and tone. He didn't want drone or anything overkill. Sort of an OEM+ type exhaust. At Flat 6 Motorsports, we offer over 20 different exhaust manufacturers from all around the world making it easy to hand select a few options that meet the criteria. We have a rich experience with installing, testing and gathering customer feedback on a variety of exhaust set ups. 

The Exhaust Systems & Key Data

Jay also decided for entertainment purposes he would like to showcase a muffler bypass system, so we added that to the list of exhaust configurations for his testing. 

Savings (lbs)
OEM MufflersN/A27.1-
OEM Cats/Crossover PipesN/A28.7-
Top Speed Pro 1 Muffler Delete$3493.323.8
Tubi Style Mufflers$192011.215.9
Cargraphic Valved Mufflers$252017.010.1
Fabspeed Maxflo Mufflers$189515.511.6
Fabspeed Sport 200 Cell X-Pipe$259516.712.0


Jay captured his trip to our shop in Orlando, FL across a 3 part series on his YouTube channel. His Porsche 996: DEFINITIVE Exhaust Guide! 3 part series is below and provides a lot of good insight, information and sounds. Check out his work below!


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Project 996 Carrera - MORE COMING SOON!

Flat 6 Motorsports is undertaking a full build project on a 996 Carrera. We have a few episodes up on our YouTube Channel but have been in a holding pattern with custom pistons. We should have more episodes up in the coming weeks when we rebuild the motor and convert it from a 3.6L with knock to a 3.8L with all the right bits. We'll be doing a complete restoration of the car and adding some street focused modifications.