New Build - Project 996 Carrera

New Build - Project 996 Carrera

As a commitment to our customers, we continue to invest in various Porsche models we serve and build solutions for by purchasing models to showcase a build series on. We picked up this 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera with the intent of putting a M96 engine that we had build with the help of Boost Brother's Garage. This engine was intended for a Project 987 Cayman Build but we decided to do something extra special for that build. 

Unfortunately, the M96 that we build is based off the 99-01 M96.04 engine which doesn't have VarioCam Plus and is a different wiring harness. In addition, none of the block/heads, etc. are compatible between the two due to the different chain systems and IMS. 

We enjoy the small revisions Porsche made to the 02 model (996.2) with renewed headlights, a 3.6L reworked flat 6 engine and reworked cooling and aerodynamics. 

The 3.6L engine increased the stroke of the engine by 4.8mm, combined with revised VarioCam Plus (borrowed from the Turbo and GT2), peak horsepower increased from 300 bhp at 6800 rpm to 320 bhp at 6800. Torque was also improved, from 258 lb.-ft. at 4600 rpm to 273 lb.-ft. at a much lower 4250 rpm compared to the 99-01 models. 

Porsche also redesigned the front bumper to push 15 percent more cooling air through the radiators. In addition wheel arches, ducts and the air dam were all reworked to reduce front-end lift by 25%and rear lift by 40%. 

A fun fact, in 2002 this was the quickest and fastest naturally aspirated Porsche ever offered in North America!


We purchased this running 2002 Carrera 2 from a gentlemen out in California. The engine had some bore scoring on cylinder 6 and a noticeable piston slapping sound. We also inherited a broken window regulator on the driver's side and the passenger seat won't lift up and down. Outside of that, after a good cleaning it looks like we have your typical wear of a ~20 year old car and some paint imperfections, chips, etc. 

Our Plans

First we plan to address the motor while refreshing or reviving the interior of the car. For the interior, we plan to replace the floor mats with some new OEM mats from Porsche, we're upgrading the radio to the new Porsche PCCM Plus and plan to address the few small issues. 

On the engine, we plan to bore it to achieve a 3.8L displacement motor and strengthen the internals with Carillo rods, CP pistons and ARP hardware. We will do a complete refresh of gaskets, seals, plugs, etc. We plan to bump compression from 11.3:1 to 11.5:1. Our goal is to build a strong and reliable engine for street driving with the capability to put it on track a few times a year. 

Planned Modifications:

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