997 Turbo - Suspension Overhaul & Upgrade

997 Turbo - Suspension Overhaul & Upgrade

A Porsche 911 comes from the factory as one of the best handling cars on the road. However, there are many upgrades available to enhance the handling and driving feel of the 911 with some simple parts. In addition, as 911s age, many components begin to wear and fail on the suspension over time. 

Today we're focusing on a 997 Turbo with pretty low mileage but some common wear and a desire to handle better. For this street-focused package, we retained the factory PASM shocks and leveraged H&R Lowering Springs. These springs increase the spring rate slightly while also lowering the 997 about 1 - 1.25". With a lower center of gravity, the vehicle is more planted and reduces body roll. 

While we replaced the lowering springs, we also opted for the Tarett Engineering Front & Rear Monoball top mounts. The factory rubber mounts wear and dry rout over time. The monoball improve the design while reducing deflection in the suspension making the suspension more direct with the chassis. The front mounts also add some negative camber adjustment which is welcomed. 

In addition to the core of the suspension, we also upgraded the sway bars with 26mm and 24mm solid sways bars. These are adjustable and help reduce body roll while making the lateral weight transfer quicker and more direct. These are generally a driver's feel type modification but they also help bring more stability to the handling of the car and inspire more confidence. 

The sum of these parts make for a very sporty feeling while maintaining pretty good road or street driving compliance. This package won't rattle your teeth out but will instantly give you better handling when you approach a turn or a winding road. 

We have a complete array of options for suspension upgrades for the 997. Everything from basic lowering springs to full track dedicated coilover systems along with a wide-range of suspension components to make your 911 even more capable on street or track. 

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