Project 981 Cayman - GTS Tail Lights (Extra)

Project 981 Cayman - GTS Tail Lights (Extra)

Project 981 Cayman - Build Series

Tail Lights

We really enjoyed the look of the base Cayman tail lights but thought the GTS tail lights would be a worthwhile exterior upgrade to make our Cayman a little more unique. We purchased ours from Suncoast Parts

The install was very straight forward. You just remove a rear internal panel in the trunk area, pull a rubber grommet, and use a T-30 torx bit to remove the one screw holding the tail light housing. A detail guide can be found here on the Planet 9 forum

A quick tip, the tail lights come out easy and quick, so use some painter tape to ensure you don't scratch the rear bumper. 

Painters tape the rear tail lights

There's one bolt that can be removed by a T-30 torx bit. 

T-30 torx bit

Stock light removed

Lights removed and next to one another:

Side by side comparison

One side down:

One side installed

One side down

Comparison shots: 



Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Some final shots:

Final Impressions

We really have fallen in love with the GTS tail lights. A nice upgrade to make the care feel and look distinct and modern. 

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