981 Cayman & Boxster Exhaust System Basics

981 Cayman & Boxster Exhaust System Basics

The Porsche 981 Cayman & Boxster comes from the factory with a sporty tuned exhaust note that is enhanced with the PSE-equipped sport exhaust. Opening up the flow of exhaust on the 981 not only improves performance and power delivery but it also enhances the sound output of the flat 6 engine. The factory headers utilize a massive catalyst that is both heavy and restrictive. Many consumers opt to install a full exhaust to maximize the power output of the 981. Choosing the right exhaust is usually a matter of personal preference. Below are some key consumer considerations when researching or purchasing a system. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Things to Consider

  • Quality & craftsmanship 
  • Fitment of the exhaust to the 981
  • Welding techniques used to seal exhaust
  • Sound of the exhaust
  • Price of the exhaust
  • Is a warranty offered?
  • Ease of install (if DIY)
  • If equipped - valve functionality 
  • What is the tubing diameter
  • Is all hardware included?
  • Are tips included?
  • Is any cutting or modification necessary?
  • Is the system modular?
  • Availability or lead time for delivery


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