Project 981 Cayman - Raceseng Shift Knob (Episode 4)

Project 981 Cayman - Raceseng Shift Knob (Episode 4)

Project 981 Cayman - Build Series

We decided to spruce up the shifting experience with a Raceseng Circuit Sphere shift knob. The install is straightforward and provides a nice injection of positive shifting engagement. It also looks pretty cool!

Install Notes

Tools Required

Small pick (typically sold in a hook/pick set) - Not required, but great tool to easily pry the factory shift boot out of the trim/center column. You can also use a trim piece remover.

1/8" Allen or Hex Key - required to tighten the set screws on the Raceseng adapter to the factory shifter arm.

Installation Insights

The install is simple but requires a tad bit of patience to have this looking good and everything lined up. You have to align the orientation of the shifter and clamp down on the ring in perfect harmony for it to all look good. We recommend threading the knob (delrin) already threaded down the base of the knob (stainless steel) and fully thread to the adapter that is loosely connected to the shifter arm. Once you have it all lined up, tighten down the set scews on the adapter. Then simply remove the shift knob from the adapter. Finish tightening the adapter and then line up the shifter boot. Place the zip tie under the top of the shift boot, tighten and cut the excess material. Now simply reinstall the shift knob on the adapter. You might need to play with the orientation of the ring a little to get everything perfect. Just a note, don't over-tighten anything. The adapter is the most important connection but the rest isn't going to fly off. There are very tight tolerances they machine the parts with so they are snug. You don't need to apply a great amount of strength turning the knob into the threads.




Final Impressions

After driving for about a week, we really like the feel and look of the Raceseng knob. Top quality and craftsmanship to a simple part is very welcomed. With the amount of interaction you have with the shifter, it's a worthwhile upgrade if you want to spruce up the driving experience. We plan to take it a step further later in the build series with the Numeric Racing Short Throw Shifter. We think that will be a winning formula!

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