991.1 Turbo S w/ FULL BOLT-ONS

We all know that the 911 Turbo S is a very capable car from the factory. Porsche included an incredible amount of new technology enhancing the 991 from the previous generation 997 Turbo. We've also seen that larger turbos and a host of upgrades make substantial power that has any mile drag event packed with several heavily modified 991 Turbos.

But what if you just wanted a modest build retaining everything and focusing just on bolt-on performance parts?


Every vehicle can benefit from an increase in airflow to the engine. Particularly in turbocharged vehicles where airflow is pressurized. A high-flow filter can help improve turbo response and intake air flow. 

We chose the trusted BMC Air Filter that Porsche uses in motorsports along with the production 911 GT3 RS and 918 Spyder.

To also increase power, we turned to the IPD Plenum and Y-Pipe. They both increase the size/volume of air capacity and feature golf-ball like dimples to promote greater air velocity. The smoother bends resist the turbulent air movement from the factory design. 



To maximize the power output of the 991 Turbo, we selected the Soul Performance Competition Exhaust System.

This system sheds about 19lbs of weight and opens up the flow of the exhaust system, reducing backpressure. The system sounds great, with plenty of cracks and pops on deceleration. The resonators help eliminate most drone to keep the ride comfortable. We'd have no problem daily driving this set-up.

Tuning & Cooling

To maximize the tuning potential of the 991 Turbo, we utilized the Cobb Accessport with custom tuning from By Design.

With higher boost and heat generation from the turbos, we selected the AWE Tuning Intercooler Kit to keep the Intake Air Tempatures (IATs) in check. Intercoolers are a great upgrade for this platform as we witnessed heat-soak on the dyno after just a single 4th gear pull. After the AWE Intecooler Kit was installed, we had no heat-soak even after 4 consecutive pulls on the dyno!

Dyno Results

We were very pleased with the dramatic improvement in power delivery with the sum of these parts. We enjoy validating power on the dyno and sharing it with our customers and potential customers. The torque numbers suggest roughly 700 ft/lb of torque at the crankshaft. While peak power didn't quite deliver the topline number we had hoped for, there are substantial increases in power across the rev range. The area under the curve is massive with torque being put down to the wheels.


Our client opted for the BC Forged EH309 Wheels (20") in a Brushed Bronze Finish.

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