Chris' ruby 997

Chris purchased a 997 Carrera S as his first foray into Porsche ownership. While the 3.8L 355HP Flat 6 was instantly an intoxicating experience to drive, Chris chose to take his Carrera S to the next level with several key performance modifications. 

Let's take a closer look at how this car transformed from a garage queen to a weekend warrior.


At first glance, one may not think so much of this 997 Carrera S. Yes, it did come factory equipped with the Aero Package, so it's got the big wing in the back, and GT3 style bumper up front.

But take closer look, and you'll find that the GT3-RS Bumper has the additional lip that hangs off, redirecting air up into the third radiator. All of the lights have been upgraded, from LED replacement bulbs to Euro side markers.


  • OEM GT3 Front Bumper and Lip
  • Clear Euro Side Markers
  • LED Fog light Bulbs
  • DEPO LED Euro-Style Tail-Lights
  • 3M Clear-Bra on Headlights

Suspension / Wheels

Things get interesting here. Plenty of Porsche owners would stick with the factory suspension, and maybe purchase lowering springs to settle the car. But Chris wanted to really lower the car, and adjust dampening for track days. But, this car was also the weekend driver, for taking out to dinner, or the bank occasionally.

For that reason, we worked with BC Racing on creating a one-off set of Piston-Equipped coilovers for 997. Similar to the 991's lift-tronic suspension, these pistons allow us to raise or lower the car 1.25 inches in the front with the flick of a switch.

Hidden in the storage compartment in the frunk lies a small compressor and tank, which kicks on to raise the car, and has a valve to release pressure which lowers the vehicle. A great design that offers the versatility of air-ride, with the rigidity and spring rates of a traditional coilover system. 


Engine / Transmission

Starting from the intake, Chris chose the Fabspeed Competition Air intake system, adding plenty of carbon fiber into the engine bay. Following the flow of air, it makes it's way from the intake, through the 82mm GT3 Throttle Body, then gets redirected by an IPD Competition plenum.

Maximizing air flow is important on the way in, just as on the way out. Thus, to compliment the intake upgrades, this Carrera S is equipped with the Fabspeed Supercup Exhaust System, featuring 200- cell high flow catalytic converters.

The transmission hides away the Spec Stage 3 clutch package that was installed not too long ago. The clutch grabs with immense force on the flywheel, ensuring that every shift comes out precise, and that you won't have to worry about slipping at any point.

Also equipped behind the front bumper is an OEM Third Radiator kit. This helps provide maximum cooling for the car, especially handy for hot summer track days. 


When the windows aren't rolled down, there's still plenty to enjoy in the car. Factory equipped Bose Speakers combined with the Kenwood Touchscreen head unit create a great audio experience. 

The fresh black leather seats reflect the ultra-low mileage of this car. The stock shift knob hides a B&M short shift kit upgrade that was installed at the same time as the clutch. It shortens the throw, but maintains an OEM feel.


What's next for Chris?

Chris has created a perfect driver's machine, and has been enjoying it by going out to local Cars and Coffee meets, PCA events, and occasional track nights or autocross events. This is what the car was meant to do; be driven to *some* of its full potential. Of course, we can't all be a Lewis Hamilton when it comes to tearing through apexes, but we can try.

Chris plans to enjoy his 997 CS in it's current form. He's happy with the progress and customization to the car. Down the road, Chris is hoping to pick up a 997 Turbo S model and do another build that takes advantage of the widebody and twin turbos from the factory. The Turbo S provides a great tuning platform which can makes it a supercar with a few bolt-on modifications. Until then, you can find more of Chris' Ruby 997 updates on our social media channels. 

Photo featured in September of 2018 PCA E-Brake News "Treffen Banff: Porsches, snow, and exploration in the Canadian Rockies."
Taken by: Vu Nguyen.