AutoTecknic Carbon Sport Chrono Eye Lid Cover (991.2 Carrera / S)


Designed to Fit:

  • 2016+ Porsche 911 Carrera / Carrera S (991.2)

Product Details

From the factory, Porsche uses cheap plastic on the 991. The chrono eyelids cover are the case in point. To remedy this issue, we created a solution, carbon fiber chrono eyelid cover. Instead of seeing the cheap plastic every time you get in your 991, you can upgrade to our Carbon Fiber chrono eyelid cover to enhance your 991's interior appeal. You will notice our beautiful carbon fiber pieces every time you open the door and you'll appreciate your 991 even more!


About AutoTecknic 

At AutoTecknic, they manufacture the highest-quality aftermarket carbon fiber car upgrades and accessories for European sports cars aimed at increasing the aerodynamic dimensions in order to reduce drag and increase vehicle stability at higher speeds. Their carbon fiber car accessories can be easily added to upgrade your existing sports car's body frame and come with easy-to-use installation instructions. If you are looking to upgrade your European sports cars with the best upgrades and accessories, choose their carbon fiber parts specially designed to provide a sleek, professional look combined with the most well-designed aerodynamics ever conceived.