Cargraphic Valve Control Unit (992)

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Designed to fit

  • 2020 - Present Porsche 911 Carrera / T / S / GTS (2 Mode Valve Controller)
  • 2020 - Present Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S (2 Mode Valve Controller)
  • 2020 - Present Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS (3 Mode Valve Controller)

Note - All purchase come with a free Flat 6 Motorsports Non-Invasive Controller Mount.

Product Details

The Cargraphic Valve Control Unit gives the user control of their PSE or aftermarket exhaust system that utilizes the factory style valve controllers. The factory valve logic closes the valves and leaves undesired sound in many operating conditions. 

This plug & play Cargraphic valve control unit makes for an easy install.

  • Factory control function remains active
  • Connection using OEM plugs
  • Easy installation
  • Traceless removal
  • Full control of your exhaust valves
  • High quality remote controls with CARGRAPHIC logo
  • Programmable start mode - engine start with open or closed exhaust valves

The CARGRAPHIC valve control unit is installed between the exhaust valves and the factory control unit. It takes over / overlays the control function of the standard control unit and operates with 2-modes for Carrera and Turbo Models, and 3 mode for GT3 Models:

2 Mode (Carrera and Turbo):

  • SPORT mode: valves always open
  • AUTOMATIC mode: factory control is reactivated

3 Mode (GT3):

  • SPORT mode: valves always open
  • COMFORT mode: valves always closed
  • AUTOMATIC mode: factory control is reactivated


About Cargraphic


For more than 30 years CARGRAPHIC and its export division CARGRAPHIC Thomas Schnarr, responsible for all countries except Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the BENELUX states, located in Landau in der Pfalz in Germany.

Over the last decades, our new constructed and renovated company buildings document our affinity with this region, known as the “Tuscany of Germany”. Currently we are offering our customers a complete renovated and modern designed sales area in the centre of Landau with the possibility to discuss various modification options together with their personal sales assistant and with our special trained workshop manager. In our complete new and fully equipped workshop area, the individual modifications will implemented to perfection.

CARGRAPHIC well known for its aftermarket accessories for exclusive automobiles and especially for its exhaust systems and performance components for Porsche models.