EVOMS V-Flow Intake System (997.1 Turbo)



Designed to fit:

  • 2006 - 2009 Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S

Product Details

Evolution MotorSports high flow silicone turbocharger air inlet ducts have been meticulously engineered, tested and manufactured to improve performance on higher than stock power Porsche 997TT and GT2's. Our design improves airflow to the VTG turbochargers which improves boost response and overall power. Through our extensive testing and development process, we have created a product that out performs the OEM plastic ducts both in our theoretical flow testing as well as in real world performance validation tests.


  • Up to 25 + HP & 25+ lb/ft. TQ - depending on application
  • Typical gains on a slightly modified car are ~ 15 HP / ~ 15 lb/ft. TQ
  • Optimizes turbocharger fresh air flow for increased power in the mid to higher RPM’s
  • Improves turbocharger spool characteristics for increased mid range torque and boost response
  • Perfect fit - direct replacement for the OEM plastic ducts
  • Made of high temperature 5-ply silicone with stainless wire reinforcement
  • CNC machined billet aluminum turbo inlet adapters for an OEM fit and seal to the VTG turbos
  • Incorporates the OEM drivers side fresh air port with a CNC machined aluminum OEM port
  • Lifetime warranty - Original purchaser
  • Improves airflow to the turbochargers by as much as 9%
  • On average, our silicone ducts outflow the OEM plastic ducts by more than 6%
  • Larger internal diameter with smooth flow transitions
  • Manufactured with a high temperature 5-ply - wire reinforced silicone
  • Smooth internal surface for optimal flow
  • Excellent thermal properties - will not absorb engine heat
  • Stainless wire reinforced - eliminates the risk of implosion on high power applications
  • Includes CNC machined billet aluminum turbo adapters with improved flow
  • CAD engineered, virtual, flow bench and real world tested for optimum performance

System Includes

  • Wire Reinforced Silicone Turbo Air Inlet Ducts (2)
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum VTG Turbo adapters (2)
  • High Torque Hose Clamps (4)
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Fresh Air Port (1)

Development History

EVOMS development process began over 16 months ago when we explored different ways to improve the airflow to the VTG turbos. Since the 997TT engine utilizes twin air inlet ducts, one for each turbo, the overall design was better than the system found on the earlier 996TT. Although an efficient stock system, there was some room for improvement. Their first step of development was to hand fabricate a pair of test prototypes made from larger diameter tubing. These test units were then flow tested on a computer controlled SuperFlow SF1020 flow bench compared to stock. Once we determined that we had improved airflow, we then conducted a series of real world driving and dyno tests. Finally, after we proved the added performance benefit, we then streamlined the design, flow and overall shape in SolidWorks, our 3D CAD software. The final CAD design was then used to create the tool that the silicone final silicone units are produced with.


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