Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust System (Cayenne S 9YA)

Tip Finish

Designed to fit:

  • 2019+ Porsche Cayenne S (2.9L V6 Only)

Product Details

The Porsche E3 Cayenne S 2.9L TT Valvetronic Exhaust System provides the best of both worlds, making it the perfect system for those who want to enjoy their vehicle both in the streets AND on the track. Two unique exhaust tones; one exhaust!

Valves Closed: When the valves are closed, the exhaust is routed through a perforated resonator pipe, allowing to air to escape and bounce around the muffler. This maintains a volume level similar to stock while increasing overall exhaust tone and reducing weight in the rear of the vehicle. 

Valves Open: When the valves are opened, the exhaust takes the path of least resistance, shooting down a stainless steel straight pipe, right through the muffler, and out of the vehicle. This shortcut that the valves open up is not perforated, so the air has only one place to go; right out of your vehicle. 

Unhappy with the dull exhaust note of his stock Cayenne, a good customer of ours requested that we unlock something special from the Twin Turbo platform. We were more than happy to do so, and crafted a rear exhaust section fitting of a Porsche. Our Valvetronic exhaust offers two unique exhaust tones; perfect for a vehicle that has multiple uses. With the valves open, our exhaust provides an exhilarating tone with a pleasing level of volume increase in the cabin without being overpowering. Close the valves, and you can enjoy a improvement in exhaust tone and quality without the significant increase in overall volume. 

We utilize the best valves in the business: Helical’s extensive experience in high-volume OEM automotive applications has led to standard features such as an extremely durable pneumatic actuator, precision flat sealing faces inside the valve, stiffening ribs and high-temperature bearings at both ends of the butterfly spindle.

Optional deluxe Quad Style Tips in your choice of finish to compliment the Cayenne's rear aesthetics and the enhanced exhaust note. Give your Cayenne S the look and sound it deserves!

(Direct replacement for your existing Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) Option)


  • Fits all Porsche E3 Cayenne S 2.9L Twin Turbo Models (2019+) With Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) - Not Compatible with Standard Exhaust (Coming Soon)
  • Direct replacement slip-on maxflo muffler with electronic valves for the stock OEM system
  • Saves weight, 6 pounds 2.5KG versus stock Porsche muffler and adds another 8HP with much superlative sports car sound and growl. Front X pipe slip on replacement saves 4 pounds 2 KG and really wakes up and adds quality sound.
  • Electronically controlled exhaust valves like the factory Porsche design. Reuse factory Plug & Play electronic motors on the Fabspeed Maxflo exhaust.
  • Slip on system  for rear section with front section X pipe that ties the exhaust together on both sides of the V6. The stock exhaust is 2 separate channels from from catalytic converters to tips. Fabspeed Motorsport USA included two ingenious Unique X pipes to harness the 6 cylinder engines exhaust pulse together to guarantee much better sound and power all in one!

NOTE: For vehicles equipped with a Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) / valves from the factory. Not compatible with the standard exhaust at the moment - Coming Soon!

NOTE: Bolt-On Installation - Minor cutting required at factory exhaust break point to install the Fabspeed product (Reference Dimple Locations on OEM)


The Porsche Sport Exhaust – better known as PSE – was a factory option available on many late model Porsches. You can quickly and easily determine if your vehicle is equipped with PSE by taking a look at your center console. If your console has a button on it with an “exhaust tip” icon (see photo), then your vehicle is equipped with PSE.




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