Flat 6 Motorsports - BankChrono Gauge (992)

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Designed to Fit

  • 2020 - Present Porsche 911 (including all variants)

Product Details

Flat 6 Motorsports has developed an OEM-fitment solution to mounting the Banks iDash SuperGuage in the existing Sport Chrono opening to your 992 generation 911. This mount replaces the factory mount and is specifically designed to house the Banks iDash Data Monitors. This provides a simple and clean installation with an opening to run the OBD cable out and down behind the dash. 

The iDash offers full OBD-II/Canbus monitoring to display important information like boost pressure, IATs, oil temps, etc. This system allows a complete customization of gauge layout, colors and even allows the user to set shift lights or warnings based on data conditions. This system is also available with datalogging capabilities. In addition, it provides the ability to read and clear diagnostic fault codes. 

BanksChrono Mount Features

  • Includes FREE U.S. (lower 48) shipping
  • Easy OEM design for quick install and removal
  • Strong and durable
  • High-definition 3D printed
  • Made in-house in the USA

 iDash Features

  • Customizable gauge display
  • Read Boost Pressure, EGT and so much more
  • Avoid costly repairs by monitoring important sensors
  • Display 2-8 values
  • Read up to 80 OBDII Mode 01 values
  • Over 300 parameters available
  • View Data your dash does not display
  • Displays accurate values your OEM dash gauges filter
  • Includes patented OBDII Density (exclusive to Banks)
  • Log up to 20 min/max values
  • Built-in Shift & RPM Light
  • Connect multiple iDash gauges
  • Auto-Dimming Feature
  • Fits standard 52mm (2-1/16 inch) gauge mounts
  • Features vary by application
  • DataMonster version adds Data-Logging functionality (incl 4gb micro-SD)



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