Flat 6 Motorsports - Stage 4 675HP Power Kit (991.2 Carrera)

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Designed to Fit

  • 2017 - 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera / T (991.2)
  • 2017 - 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera S / 4S / GTS (991.2)

Product Details

Kit Includes:

  • Pure Turbos
  • Cobb Accessport
  • Custom S4 Tuning
  • BMC High Flow Filter
  • AMS Intercoolers
  • Soul Competition Link Pipes
  • EVOMS Diverter Valves

Our Stage 4 Kit builds on many of the same modifications of the Stage 3+ formula but the turbochargers are swapped for upgraded units from Pure Turbos or TiAL Sport. These upgraded turbos utilize a factory housing, so just like swapping to the GTS turbos, these bolt up the same way and reuse all of the OEM components making it a straightforward install. The upgraded turbochargers are machined out and the turbine and compressor wheel cartridges are replaced with larger units that are CNC-machined out of aerospace grade billet aluminum. These units improve the strength and durability of the turbos while promoting higher flow. These turbos will make more power than the GTS turbos because of the sizing and wheel designs. The benefit of reusing the factory housing is you maintain very similar turbo spooling characteristic. So turbo lag is similar to the vehicle stock but the flow rate on the turbos allow for substantial power increases. With the upgraded turbos in place, we leverage the BMC High Flow Air Filter. Porsche utilizes the BMC High Flow Air Filters on the 991 GT3 RS and 918 models from the factory. Their more efficient filter media promote higher airflow into the engine. An optional modification is the IPD Plenum which helps promote higher air velocity to the engine and can enhance power further.

For our Stage 4 Power Kit, we require the AMS Intercooler Kit. This is the premier intercooler kit on the market and has everything in the kit including some nice carbon fiber shrouds that replace the factory plastic bits. These intercooler cores are 50% larger than the OEM intercoolers and allow for better heat dissipation which lowers the Intake Air Temperatures (IATs). This helps stabilize the intake charge temps making more power at greater efficiency. With larger turbos the additional cooling to the vehicle is necessary to maintain high reliability for long term use. On the exit of the turbo, we replace the factory link pipe that integrates a very dense and restrictive catalyst with a higher flowing design. This not only increases exhaust flow but it allows heat to extract off the turbochargers. These upgraded link pipes have a few options and considerations but reduce weight while increasing power and sound. With this change, you'll experience some more cracks and aggressive tones from the exhaust (particularly in sport/sport plus mode) without introducing resonance or drone to the cabin. If you are looking to enhance power a little more while adding more sound, we also offer a variety of muffler sections which provide an enhanced driving experience. Because the OEM diverter valves are prone to leaking with higher boost levels and over the long term weaken and crack, we leverage the EVOMS Diverter Valves that feature a machined aluminum construction for superior performance and durability.

Tying this all together, we partner with ByDesign, the most experienced and leading tuning calibrator in the 911.2 Carrera and 991 Turbo models. With years of co-development on many builds, the tuning will bring the full potential of this set-up to fruition while maintaining high-reliability and daily driving capability. We recommend utilizing the Cobb PDK tune as well to help optimize the transmission for the larger power output. This tune will sharpen the driving experience and reduce shift times out of the already impressive PDK dual clutch transmission. Our Stage 4 Power Kit delivers extremely impressive power output while maintaining high reliability and a daily drivable experience. While there are some opportunities to increase power further, we recommend exercising restraint with the power levels to preserve the reliability of the PDK transmission. While higher output is possible, it begins to stress components of the transmission and starts to trip fail safes that can cause faults and issues with the PDK transmission. This doesn't effect manual transmission vehicles but an upgraded clutch will be required to obtain higher power levels. 

Installation Services

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We offer full turn-key packages including installation and custom dyno tuning calibration. With an experienced team of technicians and performance specialists, we build client vehicles to their unique performance objectives. Our shop is located in Orlando, FL and customers from all around the country send their vehicles to us because they trust our craftsmanship. We offer our full services for clients looking to enhance the power of the 991.2 Carrera. Our in-shop packages ensure full quality control by Porsche factory-trained and experienced technicians. We deliver the highest customer rated satisfaction of anyone in the industry. 

We also extend our support services for customers around the United States and globally. Tuning can be managed remotely and we provide the same dedicated client support to all of our customers.

Leverage the value of our decades of installation, development, service and support at Flat 6 Motorsports. As passionate Porsche enthusiasts, we look forward to working with you one-on-one to meet your goals.