Function-First Classic Shift Knob

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Shaft Color
Knob Color

Designed to Fit

  • All Manual Transmission Porsche Models 

Note - Engraving can be done 5-speed, 6-speed, 7-speed, or blank. Multiple colors available. After placing your order, we will follow up via email to confirm all details of your shift knob or you can contact us to customize your knob. 

    Product Details

    The Classic Shift Knob from FUNCTION-FIRST Performance is designed to reconnect drivers to their vehicles.

    Engraved Color Options

    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Silver


    • Aluminum: 220g
    • Delrin:155g
    • OEM: 86g

    Factory Porsche shift knobs contribute to sloppy and vague gear changes due to their rubber and plastic construction. To remedy this, our Classic Shift Knob is machined from solid billet aluminum and Delrin for superior shifter feel, ensuring that all shifting effort is transferred to the gear lever.

    The 2-inch diameter manual shifter knob fits securely in the palm, with the circumferential cutout providing dexterity and enhancing grip. The base shaft is machined specifically to fit Porsche’s rectangular shift lever and attaches securely via high-hold set screws, entirely hidden from view with the standard height shaft. The OEM shift boot integrates seamlessly at the base for factory-like fit and finish. If your current shift knob setup has an integrated 1-piece shift knob/boot (pre-997 Porsche models), you can cut the boot off to use with the 6-speed shift knob. 

    The 2-piece design allows you to mix and match shaft and knob color combinations to complement the look of your interior.

    Choose from two knob materials:

    1. ALUMINUM - machined from a solid billet and anodized, this knob offers added weight for less notchy shifts
    2. DELRIN - impervious to extreme temperatures, the lower weight of this knob yields faster shifts



    About Function-First

    Founded by a mechanical engineer, racecar mechanic, and true Porsche enthusiast, Function-First Performance was created to deliver Porsche drivers an unfiltered, visceral driving experience.

    Road-going Porsches are derived from their race brethren, but much of the racecar precision and rawness is lost in the name of civility and comfort, resulting in a numbed and impure driving experience.

    Our functional solutions bridge the gap to restore your Porsche's racing pedigree. By elevating performance and enhancing driver connectedness, our products will unleash your Porsche's true potential.