Function-First Shifter Cable Ends (987 Cayman / Boxster)


Designed to Fit

  • 2005 - 2012 Porsche Cayman / Boxster (All Variants)

Product Details

The OEM shifter cables use large rubber ends to isolate the shifter from the transmission. These soak up your effort and numb the feedback and directness required for optimal shifting performance. The resultant sloppy gear engagement leaves the driver questioning if the desired gear is fully engaged, and it leads to over-extension and stressing of the cables as the shift lever is pulled beyond the limit. And from a safety and reliability standpoint - the plastic snap-on cups wear out over time and split causing the cable to pop off the transmission.

Our solution replaces the rubber and plastic internals of the OEM shifter cable ends with tightly toleranced aluminum and Delrin components, reliably held on with steel snap-rings.  Plus, the included cotter pins provide a safety redundancy to ensure the cables stay securely affixed to the transmission.  The result is excellent shifting feel, precision, and control with no added NVH and no chance for the cable ends to pop off.

Installation is simple - just snip out the OEM shifter cable end internals and bolt in the upgraded units. The existing cables do not have to come out for the install, so the entire process can be done from below the car.

Please Note:

Installation is not reversible, since the OEM cable end internals will need to be cut out to install the Function-First cable ends.

The 987.1 application includes an extra 2 cable ends for the OEM rubber-ended connecting rod that translates lateral shifter motion. 



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