JRZ RS1 Touring Coilover Kit (Cayman / Boxster 981)


Designed to fit:

  • 2013 - 2016 Porsche Boxster / Boxster S
  • 2014 - 2016 Porsche Cayman / Cayman S

Product Details


Knowledge gained from racing is integrated in the JRZ RS ONE system. The use of the large shaft creates an optimum fluid displacement through the preset compression blow off valve to control the unsprung mass. A special designed piston is used to filter out the large, high velocity movements seen with suspensions on street applications.

No need to compromise on performance/comfort due to the large adjustment range. The suspension allows adjustment between smooth street use and aggressive track use. Below you can see the force / displacement graph of a typical JRZ RS ONE.


With every click (counter clockwise) you increase the damping forces in both compression as rebound making the suspension stiffer. With every click you will notice direct influence on the handling of the car. Therefor adjusting the suspension is very quick and easy.  

Damping (rebound) adjustment graph above


Collaborating with a top tier coating firm, JRZ offers cutting edge technology to allow extremely high corrosion resistance in steel strut applications. 


The new shaft bearing construction allows the damper to live a long life in between service without performance fade. Specially designed for longevity and rebuildability. 


To further increase service life and safe operating ranges specially designed bump stops and dust boots are included. 


The unique compression blow off system damps the unsprung mass resulting in superb handling characteristics without sacrificing comfort. 


The JRZ RS Line dampers uses CNC machined internals that allow precise damping characteristics to be achieved. The JRZ RS is built on the same line as the motorsport line.


  • Single Adjustable
  • Adjustable damping
  • 24 clicks 
  • Height adjustable
  • Use of silent blocks
  • Less agressive valving
  • Fits on OE top mounts
  • Every click noticeable change


About JRZ

The JRZ damper design comes from 60 years of experience in Research and Development of suspension and damper design for racing, rally, off road, armoured and industrial applications.

The approach of the JRZ design philosophy is completely different from other damper manufacturers: “Emphasis is on controlling the un-sprung mass”

This is achieved by:

  • Large fluid displacement because of the use of large diameter piston rod
  • Lifting force of shock-absorber by using high nitrogen pressure
  • Compression damping with unique adjustable valving system in canister
  • Large piston, with a large diameter non preloaded deflective disc valves
  • High flow return valve for quick refilling of working cylinder
  • Gas volume is selected in a way that the fluctuating gas volume and the temperature have little effect in the increase of pressure

Control of sprung mass

This is achieved by:

  • Large piston diameter for good rebound control because of large fluid displacement
  • Unique orifice rebound adjustment system


  • Improved handeling
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • More traction
  • Better comfort level
  • Better stability of vehicle body
  • Increased lifetime of damper