M-Engineering - M-Coder (718 GT4 / 4.0L GTS)


Designed to Fit

  • 2020+ Porsche Cayman GT4 / GTS 4.0L (718)
  • 2020+ Porsche Boxster Spyder / GTS 4.0L (718)

Please Note - This is a coding device and not a tuning suite. 

Product Description

Already happy with the power from the factory but want the exclusive M-Tuner unique features? The Porsche 9x2 M-Coder by M-Engineering is the simplest way to get added features to your car. M-Engineering has been at the forefront of Porsche ECU tuning, and has spent countless hours of research and development to provide reliable performance improvements. During this time, they have developed custom code for some unique features that make the driving experience more pleasant.

The M-Coder will allow at-home OBD flashing, no ECU removal is necessary. The software also features the ability to read and clear engine faults, datalog, view live data, and flash back to stock at your convenience. M-Coder will get you the ability to flash a Stage 0 map (no power added) with whatever custom features you want. 

What's Included?

  • M-Coder Dongle for OBD Flashing
  • USB Cable
  • Ability to go back to stock
  • M-Engineering Support

Available Features:

  • PSE Exhaust Valve Modifications (true ON or OFF function, no need to buy a standalone PSE valve controller). Our most popular modification! Adds sound and power without any hardparts modification.
  • Loud Cold Start Elimination 
  • Auto Start/Stop Elimination
  • Removal of pops and burbles in sport mode
  • Free-revving in Neutral (no longer limited to 3500rpm)
  • Elimination of codes for exhaust-valve deleted cars
  • European OPF Support



About M-Engineering

M-Engineering Logo - Flat 6 Motorsports

We are a group of automotive enthusiasts who push the envelope of stock ecu advancements in modern automotive supercars. M-Engineering was started with a goal of providing a much needed service to the aftermarket industry. We strive to make sure that we are on the leading edge of development and calibration. No matter the platform, we are here to help with reverse engineering, hardware design, software design or calibration. We can do it all. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!