Raceseng Shift Knob Extender Min / Max


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Product Details

The Extender \ Min exists for a few reasons, we've all been in cars where you need to add a tad more height to your shift knob. The Extender \ Min was designed to give your shift knob a subtle increase in height, giving your shifting experience the look and functionality you want.


We looked around the market and saw nothing but shift knob extenders that look like poorly fitted sticks attached to the shifter arm, with exposed jam nuts and a lack of design. We took the opportunity to use our brains, design prowess and manufacturing skills to create an extender that addressed these issues.


During intense track and autox driving, maintaining consistent control of the steering wheel by having 2 hands on the wheel improves car control and reduces lap times. By decreasing the distance between the steering wheel and shift knob, you reduce your hands travel time between the steering wheel and shift knob keeping your hands on the wheel more.


We're tired of seeing poorly designed shift knob extenders that detract from your car's interior. The Extender was intentionally designed to have a nice, proportional visual relationship between your reverse lockout and shift boot. The satin anodized finish has a premium look while not standing out from your interior. The contrast cut icon provides that subtle touch of detail and marks the design and craftsmanship of Raceseng products.


  • Works with all Raceseng Adapters, Shift Knobs, Shift Boot Retainers and R Locks
  • Strong and Lightweight 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Satin Anodized Black and Red
  • Contrast cut Raceseng Icon
  • Simple and Clean Raceseng Design Language


  • Min - Raises shift knob height by 1 3/4" or 455mm
  • Max - Raises shift knob height by 3 3/4" or 95mm


About Raceseng

The birth of Raceseng dates back to 2005 when a father and son were inspired to merge their combined design, engineering and manufacturing skills with their passion for racing. With a legacy of racing history dating back to 1957, the driving goal was to create a company that embodied their passion and knowledge to completely design, develop and manufacture a line of high performance automotive products. Ever since then, we have set out on a journey being well aware that its going to take many years of hard work to build out our vision!